We have come from all religious backgrounds and walks of life. Many of us were even pastors or missionaries who wanted nothing more than to continue serving Our lord Jesus Christ. Humbly, we share with you the stories of how the Holy Spirit moved us to seek the Body of Christ and the unity for which He prayed.

Barbara Cline

God Sometimes Calls Twice

August 29, 2016

Written Stories

God’s Early Call ... more
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“These weren’t the Catholics I grew up with. They loved Jesus more than I did.” – Rob Corzine

August 23, 2016


Rob Corzine was a semi-observant Baptist, and when he started dating a Catholic girl, he thought she would go along peacefully with his nominal Christianity. As it turned out, not only did she not want to casually abandon her Catholic faith, she provided Rob with some resources that led him to think more deeply about his faith, and his encounter with Catholics who lived their convictions seriously had a major ... more

Shane Kapler – Former Nondenominational Christian and Catholic Revert

August 23, 2016

The Journey Home

In Shane Kapler’s latest book, “The Epistle to the Hebrews and the Seven Core Beliefs of Catholics,” he looks at the way the Old Testament is fulfilled in the New, and how that relates to the worship of Catholics.  Shane and Marcus rely heavily on scripture as they discuss the essential nature of Christian unity and the meaning of the Eucharist in the life of the believer.  It’s ... more
Laura Hinson

I Sought The Lord and He Found Me

August 22, 2016

Written Stories

2015 was the most spectacular year of my life. Something inside of me came alive. Things I never thought I would have time for as a working single mom, things like volunteering two days a week at church, became part of my regular schedule. Energy to serve others suddenly poured out of me like never before. I can only give credit to the Holy Spirit, as He was definitely working in ... more

Kathleen Fowle – Former Seventh Day Adventist and Nondenominational Chaplain

August 16, 2016

The Journey Home

Kathleen Fowle lost her father when she was in 1st grade, and the Seventh Day Adventist teaching on death and resurrection troubled her from that early age.  As she grew up, she developed a dual passion of making music and serving the poor, and both loves brought her into contact with Catholics, especially those shaped by Franciscan influence.  It was the Catholic understanding of the eternal meaning of the human ... more

Clark Durant – Former Congregationalist, Presbyterian, and Episcopalian

August 9, 2016

The Journey Home

Clark Durant remembers his father rewarding good marks in Sunday school with tickets to Detroit Tiger baseball games.  He always remembers having positive associations with Christianity, attending whatever services he found to be edifying and faithful to his understanding of the Gospel.  In the course of pursuing a career in law, he became acquainted with some of the intellectual Catholic leading lights at Notre Dame, as well as those working ... more

A Baptist Preacher’s Son Becomes Catholic

August 8, 2016

Written Stories

What would convince a Jesus-loving, hymn-singing, Baptist preacher’s son to become a Catholic? This is a question that many have had for me over the past couple of years, whether they have worded it quite as succinctly or not. Why would someone with such a vibrant faith, rooted in a rich, solid family tradition, walk away from it and leap into the arms of the Church of Rome? Though ... more

Dr. Petroc Willey – Former Evangelical

August 2, 2016

The Journey Home

Professor of Theology at Franciscan University Dr. Petroc Willey joins Marcus Grodi on The Journey Home to share his journey from evangelicalism to Catholicism.  Growing up in England, Dr. Willey had the sense that Catholics were somehow less English than their fellow countrymen.  However, after years of study, he found himself drawn more and more to the teachings of the Catholic Church, and came to the conclusion that it was ... more

Denise and Tim Mergen- Mother and Son

July 26, 2016

The Journey Home

Denise Mergen remembers two of her college roommates getting abortions, and the negative impact it had on their lives.  When she married a Catholic, her priest suggested that she and her husband get involved in a ministry that they could both agree on, and so Denise got involved with helping post-abortive women.  Along the way, she found herself building on her faith background in the Church of Christ as she ... more

Freed from the Occult

July 18, 2016

Written Stories

I was born into a Conservative Jewish home.  My parents, while not overly “religious,” did their best to follow the Jewish customs and traditions.  My mom kept a kosher home quite well.  When I was of age, they sent me to Hebrew school where I learned to read, write, and speak Hebrew and studied about the Jewish faith. Of course, the Old Testament was a huge part of my studies.  ... more