We have come from all religious backgrounds and walks of life. Many of us were even pastors or missionaries who wanted nothing more than to continue serving Our lord Jesus Christ. Humbly, we share with you the stories of how the Holy Spirit moved us to seek the Body of Christ and the unity for which He prayed.


Denise and Tim Mergen- Mother and Son

July 26, 2016

The Journey Home

Denise Mergen remembers two of her college roommates getting abortions, and the negative impact it had on their lives.  When she married a Catholic, her priest suggested that she and her husband get involved in a ministry that they could both agree on, and so Denise got involved with helping post-abortive women.  Along the way, she found herself building on her faith background in the Church of Christ as she ... more

Freed from the Occult

July 18, 2016

Written Stories

I was born into a Conservative Jewish home.  My parents, while not overly “religious,” did their best to follow the Jewish customs and traditions.  My mom kept a kosher home quite well.  When I was of age, they sent me to Hebrew school where I learned to read, write, and speak Hebrew and studied about the Jewish faith. Of course, the Old Testament was a huge part of my studies.  ... more
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Michelle Paine – Former Presbyterian

July 18, 2016

The Journey Home

Michelle Paine was full of questions about the meaning of life from a young age- she wanted to know where the Bible came from, who Jesus was, and how everything fit together.  As someone full of creativity, the Church’s understanding of the meaning of art and beauty were key in her conversion to Catholicism.  She’s an accomplished visual artist herself- enjoy the short video below, wherein she talks ... more
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Seth Paine: Former Nondenominational Christian

July 12, 2016

The Journey Home

Seth, the Web and New Media Developer for the Coming Home Network, tells about his journey to the Catholic Church, beginning with his childhood raised by parents who had just rediscovered their Christian faith themselves.  Growing up in Massachusetts, Seth was active in youth ministry and short term missions, going on to apply his IT skills in the developing world, and discovering a deep appreciation for the universality of the ... more

In the Potter’s Hands

July 11, 2016

Written Stories

My journey to Rome was a lengthy one, consuming two-thirds of a normal lifetime. I traveled nearly every highway and byway of Methodism, Southern Methodism, United Methodism, and many forms of Evangelicalism. From Methodism my spiritual journey led me to the via media of Anglicanism, across the Newman Bridge and finally, with the help of a devoted cradle Catholic wife of 25 years, Nilde, my friend Gloria, and the ever-present Virgin ... more
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Order in the Church doesn’t stifle creativity; it helps it flourish – John Robinson

June 30, 2016


In this Signposts video short, the choir director at St. Paul’s Church in Harvard Square shares about his conversion to Catholicism, and how order in the Church is suited to the human person’s need for meaning and purpose.  He addresses the question of whether or not the Church’s institutional character squashes creativity or empowers it, and relates that to his own understanding of how the Church has ... more

Deacon Alex Jones – Former Pentecostal Minister

June 28, 2016

The Journey Home

Deacon Alex has been a guest on the program before, to talk about how he, as a Pentecostal minister, came into the Catholic Church and brought a significant chunk of his congregation with him.  This time around, he and Marcus Grodi discuss the role of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer, and how the spirit-filled life and the liturgical patrimony of the Church are meant to bear ... more

JonMarc Grodi – Childhood Convert to Catholicism

June 21, 2016

The Journey Home

When Marcus Grodi’s family was received into the Church, JonMarc was 6 years old.  Growing up around an apostolate designed to help people become Catholic, he found himself surrounded by great resources to learn and grow in the faith, but knew he had to do the hard work of finding out the truth for himself.  As he reached college age, he found himself grappling with deeper philosophical questions about the ... more

One Moment of Grace – Adrienne Pueschel

June 20, 2016

Written Stories

I was 51 years old, married for 15 years and without children, living on five acres in the woods of Southern Oregon, at the time of Pope John Paul II’s death. My husband, Brad, had not been as concerned as I over not having a real church to attend, but it bothered me very much for years, especially at Easter. Yet here was the largest Church on earth holding the world ... more
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Deacon George Butterfield

June 14, 2016

The Journey Home

George Butterfield was a shy kid who dreaded the coming-of-age public profession of faith that was customary in the country church he attended. It just so happened that when the time came for him to stand up in front of the congregation, much to his relief, the power went out! George thought he’d be spared the scrutiny of the occasion, until a parishioner insisted on driving his car into ... more