Dan Burke: Convert from Judaism

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November 7, 2011

Dan Burke is the executive director of the “National Catholic Register”.


Theological Background

  • Marco Holland

    I was very inspired by this interview with Dan Burke. He is such a “man’s man”, and a “cool dude”, that I could really relate to his Journey. I grew up in a very anti-Catholic family and we were nominally “United Church” (I broke out in hives when taken to Church so my parents stopped “forcing” me to go at about 8 years old). I am now HUNGRY for all things Catholic, and, as a side comment, strangely enough, through the Catholic Church feel very much closer to my Jewish “cousins”. Christ was a Jew, the disciples were Jews and the Church Fathers (disciples of the disciples) were all Jews. Dan, you rock. Thank you for sharing your story. I feel a kindred spirit with you. Maybe we will meet someday. PS – am about to enter RCIA, and can totally relate to the impatience of waiting to partake in this sacred ritual!!

  • Suzanne

    Dan Burke’s testimony is so inspiring particularly when hearing his respectful attitudes that he voices towards his Jewish heritage and his Evangelical experiences. I will never forget his phrase “a fulfilled Jew”….how beautiful and mature.
    Thank you Mr. Burke, you are an inspiration!