Kris Sarver, Former Atheist

May 2, 2016

Kris Sarver was raised Catholic, but after asking complicated questions about Hell as a child, she figured that Catholicism, and religion in general, were for simpletons and the uneducated. She pursued a life as a scientist with the military, and after a failed marriage, decided that she should end her life. It was during that suicide attempt that she first felt the presence of a loving God. That relationship culminated ... more

Greg Pratt, former agnostic

April 4, 2016

Former Agnostic Greg Pratt recounts his faith journey to the Catholic Church.  Growing up in a household Jewish in name only, Greg found himself searching for truth in the tangible aspects of science and math.  But in the midst of an agnostic mindset lasting into his later forties, Greg experienced a series of events which slowly transformed his thinking.  He speaks of the role of his wife and the impact ... more
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Paul Keough: A Revert from the Church of Christ

January 11, 2016

Paul grew up the 9th of 13 children in upstate New York. His mother was a faithful Catholic but his father was a vocal agnostic. He went to church but didn’t understand what was going on. Because he lived in an anti-catholic town and also because of his father’s agnosticism, Paul saw being a Catholic as a weakness. At sixteen, he declared that he was an atheist. Following his ... more

Dr. Scott Sullivan: Former Evangelical

August 17, 2015

Scott was raised in a loving Non-denomination Evangelical Protestant home. In high school and college he fell away from the faith because he didn’t know any arguments to show him that Christianity was true. For a long time his life was centered on martial arts. While in college he began to ask the question, “What it the purpose of life?” He thought he might look into religion again. In ... more

John Sherman: Former Methodist & Non-denominational

June 8, 2015

John was raised in an Methodist home. They gave him a good foundation and took him to church but Jesus wasn’t talked about much in the home. By the time his entered college he was more or less an agnostic.  Later, motivated by physical ailments, John was driven to the arms of Jesus, committing his life to him through his suffering. Wanting to be involved with other passionate Christians, ... more
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Joshua Bowman, Former Anglican

January 19, 2015

Joshua was raised Episcopalian. The family faithfully attended Sunday school and liturgy every week. Sadly, church was more of an apostrophe of the week than a major factor of the family’s life. As he grew older, Joshua drifted further away from faith into classical liberalism. By high school he was Episcopal in name only.  After many years in the spiritual wilderness, Joshua joined in full communion with the Catholic ... more

Taking Courage: How God Drew Me into the Light of His Church

July 21, 2014

*Last name has been changed at the author’s request ... more
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Mike Aquilina: Revert from Agnosticism

June 23, 2014

Mike grew up in a sicilian ghetto in which it was expected that everyone was Catholic. With the upheaval of the ’60’s, when he was in the 6th grade, Catholic education seemed to become devoid of content. He began to think that Christianity was irrelevant and something not to be taken seriously. In college, he fell totally away from the faith. Through his undergraduate years, though he wasn’t attending ... more
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Joseph Pearce: Former Agnostic

February 6, 2014

Marcus welcomes returning guest, author and former agnostic Joseph Pearce to discuss his conversion to the Catholic Church. Joseph’s new book Race With the Devil: My Journey from Racial Hatred to Rational Love details his conversion from white-supremacist to coming to know a merciful savior. ... more
Paul Lambert

Re-Entering the Kingdom of God

November 11, 2013

1968-1993 — The “Life” of a Spiritual Cadaver: The Possibility of Repentance ... more
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Steven Lawson: Former Agnostic; revert

November 11, 2013

Steven Lawson, son of Catholic parents, grew up in Buffalo, NY.  A regular attender of weekly mass and youth group events, Steven began to have questions about his faith.  His goal from age 11 (modeled after Walt Disney) was to build a better world through animation.  While in college, Steven got immersed in philosophy and debate, leading into a secular mindset – and a rather sinful lifestyle.  The story of a divine ... more
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Leighton Drake: Former Agnostic

September 23, 2013 ... more