Dr. Jay Richards: Former Presbyterian

March 30, 2015

Jay grew up in a Presbyterian family in Texas. He credits his best friend growing up, who was Church of Christ, with his knowledge of the Bible. When he went off to college he experienced a crisis of faith from the challenges he met in class. The writings of C. S. Lewis and the Holy Spirit brought him back from the brink. While in seminary at Calvin College, he did a study of the Calvinist doctrine of limited atonement. This would be the first crack in the wall of the ... more

Jim Anderson, Former Lutheran Seminarian

February 27, 2006

Jim and Marcus answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience in the episode. Jim was brought up in a nominally Methodist home. As a boy he was sent to Sunday school but his parents didn’t attend. Even so, he had a growing longing for God and gave his live to Christ on many occasions. During college he joined the Lutheran church, attracted by its liturgical worship. While in college, he became active in an ecumenical evangelical fellowship, where he met Catholic of loved Christ. While majoring in history, ... more
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Bob Fishman: Jewish Convert

June 9, 2000

Marcus and Bob discuss the Jewish roots of the Catholic faith. Bob was brought up in a largely non-practicing Jewish family. He was allowed to study any religion or philosophy except Christianity. At the age of 17, he obtained a New Testament. After he was in the Navy, he met a born again Christian. In response, Bob went to his rabbi and studied the prophecies of the Messiah for 3 years. He accepted the Lord Jesus as his Messiah and was baptized in a United Pentecostal church. Over the years he was ... more
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Open-Line With Dr. Patrick Lee: Life-long Catholic

October 2, 1998

Marcus and Dr. Patrick Lee answer open-line questions. ... more
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Open-Line With Curtis Martin: Revert from Non-Denominationalism

June 5, 1998

Marcus & Curtis answer open-line questions in this episode. ... more