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Paul McCusker: Former Baptist

April 14, 2014

Paul was reared a Baptist and was active in the Jesus Movement of the 1970’s.  Influenced by his love for England he later became an Anglican. Confusion in the Anglican communion caused him to begin to seek answers to the question of Church authority, which led him home to the Catholic Church. Paul has worked with “Adventures in Odyssey” with Focus on the Family for 26 years. He has written over 50 books, 21 plays and 4 musicals. Including the novels “The Mill House” and “Epiphany” as well as the “Annotated version of ‘The ... more

God Buried His Seed in My Heart

April 7, 2014

Throughout my life, almost every time I have had a quick, guttural, “absolutely not” reaction or attitude toward something, God has turned it around on me and made me change my mind. I think because deep down I feel drawn to certain things, but I want to defy myself (my conscience) or God out of pride. For example, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I’ll tell you one thing: I will never become a teacher” (yes, I ended up getting an Education degree and teaching). ... more
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A Bible-Believer Becomes Catholic by Believing the Bible

February 1, 2014

Our devout, fundamentalist-evangelical family of six children attended Sunday School, Sunday morning and evening worship services, Wednesday evening prayer meeting, and choir rehearsal after prayer meeting — even when traveling. My parents alternately took us to Nazarene and Baptist congregations. Nazarenes taught Arminian doctrine; that sinning resulted in loss of salvation. Baptists taught “once saved – always saved – safe and secure for eternity.” As early as grade school I became aware that different denominations taught contradictory doctrines, yet logic dictates that only one can be correct. Fundamentalist-evangelical pastors taught the precepts: (1) the ... more
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Msgr. Michael Magee: Former United Methodist

December 30, 2013

Marcus Grodi welcomes Monsignor Michael Magee, professor at Roman Catholic Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia.  Msgr. Magee shares the story of his journey growing up in Baton Rouge, LA.  His parents’ separation when he was ten led to his entry the United Methodist Church where he was confirmed and became an active member.   Msgr. Magee began to have questions, however, when the long-standing moral tenets began to change through the a voting process of his denomination.  A subsequent school-sponsored trip at age 16 to Rome had a transformative effect on him, ... more
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Dan Burke: Convert from Judaism

September 2, 2013 ... more
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How Being a Baptist Prepared Me to be a Good Catholic

August 21, 2013

After joining the ranks of the Catholics, it was my hope to avoid the smug former-smoker arrogance that sometimes comes with such a dramatic change. You know what I mean: the I-used-to-be-so-stupid-and-now-I-see-the-Light attitude that is, in and of itself, irritating. (In my slow journey to the Church, I picked up a couple of well-meaning books written by former Evangelicals who exuded that very attitude. They were not helpful.) So, here’s my disclaimer: any comments I might make about Evangelicalism or Protestantism are meant to be good-natured and wry, or ... more
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Deacon Scott Jablonski: Revert from Evangelicalism

June 24, 2013

Scott Jablonski, a transitional deacon in the Catholic Church joins The Journey Home program.  He shares his story of beginning life, being baptized as an infant in the Church and receiving first communion in the second grade.   The divorce of his parents early on and the subsequent remarriage of his mother led them to a protestant church.  But if left a feeling of incongruity with Scott between the faith proclaimed and the faith lived out on a daily basis in the people around him.  So, by high school, he was ... more

Led by the Good Shepherd to the Catholic Church

June 3, 2013

I was raised in a small-town, Southern Baptist church in Virginia where I, along with my sister, my two brothers, and our parents, attended Sunday School and church nearly every Sunday that I can remember. In my early teen years, I responded to a preacher’s invitation to accept Christ as my Lord and Savior and was baptized. The experience of the waters of baptism seemed to be one of re-birth. I felt as though my sins were washed away and there was a new beginning and opportunity for me ... more
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David Currie: Former Bible Church Missionary (fundamentalist)

May 5, 2013

David returns to the program and discusses with Marcus some of the thoughts of his conversion process.  Citing the issues of Authority and the Eucharist as two of the key issues for him, David reflects on the significance of scriptures and the teachings of the Church Fathers in his deepening faith.  David has authored three books which detail his developing understanding. ... more
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Don Smith: Former Non-denominational Pastor

March 4, 2013

Don was raised in Maine in a Catholic home on a potato farm. The family attended Mass faithfully but there was no prayer at home. In high school and college, he fell away from faith, but continued to believe in God’s existence. While he and his wife were hitchhiking down the east coast, they were witnessed to and and committed their life to Jesus Christ. After returning to Maine, he joined a Charismatic Non-denominational congregation, eventually attended a Bible College and was ordained to the ministry. After about eight ... more
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Vaughn Kohler: Former Independent Baptist

February 4, 2013

Marcus welcomes Vaughn Kohler, a former evangelical protestant, to the program.  Vaughn’s earliest memories are living in South Bend, IN in a family secure in its protestant faith amidst a culture of Catholicism.  He shares the story of his journey through Wheaton College and several protestant seminaries to becoming a youth pastor in the Southern Baptist tradition.  But through it all, Vaughn experiences “Catholic moments” which continue him to lead him into further study/reflection about his beliefs.  Ultimately it is the issue of authority and biblical interpretation that ... more
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Jason Hall: Former Free Will Baptist

December 10, 2012

Jason Hall, native of Owensboro, KY, grew up in a Christian home in the Free Will Baptist tradition.  His father was the minister of his church. Jason had an active role in the church as a youth which continued through college.  He was an avid reader, particularly of other faith traditions, so that he could be well versed in debates.  Following law school, Jason returned to his home town to work and attend church.  While teaching young adults about the faith, he began reading some Catholic materials, including the Catechism ... more