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From Prophetess to Pope — A Couple Journeys Together

July 7, 2011

Arthur ... more

I Never Dreamed I’d Be Married to a Catholic Priest!

May 13, 2011

I certainly never dreamed I’d be married to a Roman Catholic priest! ... more

This Will Be Quite a Roller Coaster Ride!

January 25, 2011

My mother was a devout Methodist, my father claimed to be a non-believer – at any rate he was hostile to religion. Both parents worked in businesses of their own, but mother saw to it that I was in Sunday School and Church every Sunday whether I wanted to or not [had she known then where it would lead, I think she would have left me at home!]. She told me ... more
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How I Got This Way

January 18, 2011

Honestly, I never meant to love the Catholic Church. I didn’t even realize I had been reading Catholic books, until it was too late. ... more

The Spiritual Journey

January 18, 2011

Ruth and I were born into Protestant families, raised in the church, and “saved” at an early age. Eventually I was ordained as an Assembly of God minister, and we served eight years in missions, five of them in Africa. Our desire has been to please God in all we do. ... more

Searching for Authority

January 18, 2011

For nine years, I served the Lord Jesus Christ as a United Methodist pastor in New Jersey. For five of those years, I had no thought of being anything else. I had a growing congregation, I was happy in my denomination and pleased with my prospects, and I was satisfied. ... more

You Are That Man

January 18, 2011

“I was born and raised in a Catholic home.” This sentence, repeated in all too many ‘conversion’ stories, must be included in mine. It seems so much more tragic to preface a testimony with this sentence, than to relay a happy conversion story that starts, “I was born and raised a staunch Calvinist, but then…” Why? Because when the story concerns a cradle Catholic, it signals that something was missing ... more

What Is Truth?

January 13, 2011

I am a former Protestant minister. Like so many others who have trodden the path that leads to Rome by way of that country known as Protestantism, I never imagined I would one day convert to Catholicism. ... more

If Someone Had Told Me That I Would Become Catholic (I Would Have Told Them They Were Crazy)

January 11, 2011

My story starts in law school in 1995. At that time, I was a fervent Reformed Presbyterian (Calvinist), having spent time in seminary and still actively teaching apologetics and philosophy in the church. If someone had told me that in ten years I would be Catholic (and that I would truly love the Church), I would have told them they were absolutely crazy. ... more

A Search for Truth

January 11, 2011

My heart was pounding as I walked into the small café to meet with my bishop in the Charismatic Episcopal Church CEC). In this meeting, in February 1999, I planned to inform him of my intention to come into full communion with the Roman Catholic Church. I was nervous and concerned about how he might take my news. ... more