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Kevin Lowry: Former Presbyterian

April 2, 2012

Growing up in Canada, Kevin Lowry lived as the son of a Presbyterian minister and his wife who lived out their faith.  At age 16, Kevin headed off to college in the states – Franciscan University – but after only three semesters was asked to leave.  He realized he needed to refocus.  So, returning to Canada, Kevin worked for three and a half years with Sony and developed some maturity and better work habits.  Once again he found himself at Franciscan University where he was much more serious.  A course in ethics which ... more
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Fr. Shawn Gould: Former Presbyterian

March 12, 2012

Fr. Shawn Gould grew up in Western Michigan in the small town of Grant Haven.  It was an area with many Dutch immigrants.  Fr. Shawn and his family were active members in a Presbyterian USA church, though by high school, Fr. Shawn was becoming somewhat skeptical of religion.  He was gravitating to a more scientific approach to life.  And yet, as he near graduation, he was beginning to “be skeptical of his skepticism”.  Thus, with a more open mind, Fr. Shawn entered college at Notre Dame.  It was there, through ... more
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Nicole DeMille: Former Lutheran

February 13, 2012

Nicole DeMille grew up in New York in a family identified culturally and faithfully as Lutheran.  She attended Lutheran schools through high school and was steeped in this faith tradition in a large part through the influence of her mother and godmother.  In college, though her faith in Christ never waivered, Nicole found herself being affected more and more by the norms of the culture.  Marriage brought her back to an active life in the Lutheran Church.  But Nicole’s world came apart with her mother’s suffering and death ... more
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Randy Hain: Former Southern Baptist

December 26, 2011

As a child living in the Bible belt of southern Georgia, Randy Hain was the son of devout Southern Baptist parents.  Baptized at age nine, he really did not know exactly was his faith commitment represented.  And, by the time he was sixteen, his faith became a thing of the past.  It remained that way for the next twenty-three years – through college and into his working career.  Not until being married with children did the idea of finding a church enter his thought process.  At age 40, following a move from ... more
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Patrick Coffin: Revert to the Catholic Faith

December 5, 2011

Patrick Coffin, born in Nova Scotia, is Catholic apologist, author, speaker and radio show host.  He shares with Marcus his journey of faith as a Catholic, then agnostic, who has a divine answer to his prayer.  Patrick begins his search for truth through graduate studies at McGill University and subsequently teaching theology at a high school.  He spent a year in discernment for the priesthood before entering Franciscan University for a master’s degree in theology.  Marcus and Patrick discuss the significance of the papal encyclical Humanae Vitae vis-a-vis the  ... more
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Dan Burke: Convert from Judaism

November 7, 2011

Dan Burke’s father was an agnostic but his mother was a practicing reformed Jew whose familial roots were in Russian Judaism.  It was from that side of the family that Dan took his identity.  At around age ten, his parents divorced.  Emotionally and physically, Dan suffered and it was through that suffering that he sought the meaning of life and truth.  It would be a lifelong journey which brought him through new age thought, evangelicalism, Calvinism, and Anglicanism.  Ultimately, it was reading the Church Fathers and having encountering the ... more
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Jason Simon: Former Evangelical

October 24, 2011

Jason Simon speaks of a faith-filled childhood in which he publicly declared his commitment to Jesus Christ within the Assemblies of God tradition at the age of five.  His faith was a big part of his life for the next ten years.  But in high school, as Jason began seeking more excitement and fun in his life, that commitment waned.  A relationship with a Catholic girl eventually reached an impasse because of theological differences.  And yet, the Holy Spirit continued to work in his heart. Jason got involved in campus ... more
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Steve Ray: Former Baptist

October 3, 2011

Steve Ray, a return guest of The Journey Home Program, grew up in a Baptist household where he learned a true love for Jesus and Holy Scripture.  His infant dedication by his parents was personally affirmed at age 17.  For the next 20 years, he lived out his faith as a Baptist.  But, over time, Steve began to question some of the tenets of his beliefs.  Becoming immersed in church history, he began to discover the truth of Christianity.  At age 39, Steve and his family converted to Catholicism.  His book, Crossing the ... more
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Dr Timothy Lau: Former Atheist

September 19, 2011

Canadian Psychiatrist, Dr. Timothy Lau, shares with Marcus his journey from atheism to Catholicism.  Growing up in a home where science and reasoning trumped religion, Dr. Tim lists Carl Sagan and Stephen Hawking as his teen heroes.  It was an indication of his passion for science.  And yet, even with this worldview and a life that seemed to be going very well for him socially, financially and academically, Dr. Tim would tell you that there seemed to be something lacking.  It was not until graduate school, though, that he would ... more
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Dr. Richard Smith: Former Anglican Priest

August 8, 2011

Dr. Richard Smith shares the details of his long journey from Anglicanism to Catholicism.  His father was an Episcopal priest and his mother, who had long roots in the Dutch Reformed/Presbyterian tradition, was a convert to Episcopalianism.  Dr. Smith was formed in the theology of the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.  In third grade he joined the choir, which shaped him devotionally and liturgically.   Away from the church for a period of time, Dr. Smith returned as a result of his college studies in philosophy.  He entered Harvard Divinity School ... more
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David Currie: Former Bible Church Missionary

August 1, 2011

David Currie is a return guest of the Journey Home Program.  Son of a fundamentalist preacher, David followed in his father’s footsteps.  In 1993, convicted of the truths of Catholicism, David, along with his wife and six children, converted.  As a way to address his conversion in detail, he composed a letter to his family.  This was the basis for his widely-acclaimed book, Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic.  He and Marcus discuss the idea of the rapture as well as the real presence of Christ in the Eucharist, comparing and ... more
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Cale Clarke: Former Christian Reformed Minister

July 18, 2011

Cale Clarke grew up in the Halifax suburbs of Nova Scotia in a solidly-Catholic home.  Despite his upbringing in the Catholic Church, it was, for Cale, a faith that did not penetrate his being.   At age 17, he refused to continue going to weekly Mass, and for some years, remained Catholic in name only.  It was while doing studies at Illinois State University that several stimulating conversations with a Baptist student opened his eyes to the truth of the resurrection.  Cale returned to Canada to complete his undergraduate studies and then ... more