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Jesus Heals a Paralytic – Matthew 9:2-7 – Matt Swaim

August 3, 2016

On this episode of Deep in Scripture, Marcus Grodi and Matt Swaim take an in-depth look at Jesus’ healing of a paralytic in Matthew 9. It was because of faith that Jesus forgave and healed the man- but whose faith? They also discuss the idea of Jesus’ forgiveness of the man’s sins as a precursor to the power to forgive sins that Jesus would one day transmit to his apostles. ... more

Jack Tripp: A Baptist Who Returned to the Catholic Faith

October 20, 2014

Jack was brought up as a Boston Irish Catholic. Even though he was Catholic and the family prayed daily, the faith was never talked about in his home. When Jack graduated from high school in 1974, he took a Navy ROTC scholarship to attend the University of Rochester because he realized his parents didn’t have the money for college. After college, he gave his four years to the Navy, working in Lakehurst, N.J., on mechanisms to catch planes landing on aircraft carriers. After the Navey, he earned an MBA ... more

John Lillis: Catholic Revert

August 11, 2014

John was born and abandoned in a hospital in San Francisco. He was adopted into a loving Irish Catholic family. In the early 1970’s he was given a very confused and lacking education of the faith in the parochial schools. At the same time some older neighbor boys exposed him to hard core pornography. In high school he lived a double life with parties, alcohol and pornography while also attending Mass. After high school God was no longer an aspect of his life. His mom talked him into going to ... more

Reflections of a Journey

January 2, 2014

My wife, Jeanette, and I were both raised in the Seventh-day Adventist Church and learned to hold strong negative feelings about the Catholic Church. My mother took great pride in being opposed to the Catholic Church; she did not know much about it, but she knew she was against it. ... more
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Jason Hall: Former Free Will Baptist

December 10, 2012

Jason Hall, native of Owensboro, KY, grew up in a Christian home in the Free Will Baptist tradition.  His father was the minister of his church. Jason had an active role in the church as a youth which continued through college.  He was an avid reader, particularly of other faith traditions, so that he could be well versed in debates.  Following law school, Jason returned to his home town to work and attend church.  While teaching young adults about the faith, he began reading some Catholic materials, including the Catechism ... more
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Fr Randy Musselman: Former Baptist

July 9, 2012

Growing up in Anderson, Indiana, Fr. Randy Musselman was part of a Baptist family that was not particularly active in its faith.  However, he was baptized at age 14 and began to be involved with a local Baptist church, even becoming an elder and an occasional preacher while in college.  Over time, he met his wife to be – a “faith-filled” Catholic.  Though married in the Baptist tradition, their marriage was convalidated in the Catholic Church.  Their two daughters were raised as Catholics.  Secretly, Fr. Randy began to explore Catholicism and eventually ... more

Confessions of an Ex-Feminist

July 9, 2012

I was in the newsstand of a Miami bus terminal, my saddle oxfords a bit scuffed and my uniform crumpled after a steamy day of classes, when I spotted something that utterly horrified me. It was not an X-rated magazine, but something much worse: a book called Why I Am Not a Christian by Bertrand Russell. ... more
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Vernon Robertson: Former Presbyterian

August 15, 2011

Growing up in Scotland, Vernon Robertson had virtually no connection with religion other than his baptism in the Presbyterian tradition.  He does remember fondly, however, the Bible stories and kindness of his first teacher – who left teaching two years later to become a missionary.  At age 19, Vernon moved from Scotland to Toronto, Canada.  He met his wife Maureen, an Irish Catholic and in a period of two and half years had three children.  By this time, Vernon had become a cultural Catholic but not a true believer.  It was when ... more