Noah Lett: Former Lutheran Minister

March 1, 2004

Marcus and Noah answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more

Fr. David Medow: Former Lutheran Minister

July 29, 2002

Father David was raised on the north side of Chicago in a Swedish Lutheran home. He was very active in the church in his youth. He studied politics at Georgetown before receiving a call to the Lutheran ministry, to which he was ordained in 1985. Through participating in summer Biblical Conferences at Mundelein Seminary in Chicago, he was impressed with the lecture series scheduled around daily prayer life. He also met the founder of L’Arche. This began his journey to the Catholic Church and eventually the priesthood. ... more
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Dr. Robert Louis Wilken: Former Lutheran Minister

February 26, 1999

Dr. Wilken was brought up in a Lutheran family that was serious about their Christianity. As a boy he felt a calling to ministry. He attended a Lutheran prep school in Texas and Concordia Seminary in St. Louis. There he came under the influence of Arthur Carl Piepkorn, who had an appreciation for Catholic liturgy, piety and the sacraments. Later, at the University of Chicago, he studied the Church Fathers. He began to feel that Lutheranism was lacking an appreciation of the larger Tradition of the Church. He was ordained ... more