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Importance of the Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible — Hebrews 11:35

December 3, 2015

Marcus Grodi and Gary Michuta talk about the importance of the Deuterocanonical Books of the Bible and how they impacted New Testament passages like Hebrews 11:35. Gary can be found at ... more

Brandon Barker: Former Southern Baptist/Evangelical

March 16, 2015

Brandon grew up in Texas the son of two wonderful Christian parents and from his youth he loved Jesus Christ. When he was about 12 Brandon and his family began to attend a Southern Baptist congregation. Almost all of his friends were Christians of some stripe or another. He knew very few Catholics and believed that the Catholic Church was a cult. When he was 17, he felt was called to full-time Christian ministry. Though in college he faced new temptations and began to struggle with his faith, eventually he entered Dallas ... more

Open Line With Dr. William Bales, Former Presbyterian Minister

June 2, 2008

Marcus and Bill answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more

Dr. John Bergsma: Christian Reformed Church (Dutch Calvinist) Pastor

March 24, 2008

John grew up in the Christian Reformed Church (Dutch Calvinist) and served as a pastor for four years before becoming Catholic in 2001, while getting a Ph.D. in Scripture from the University of Notre Dame. John is now an associate professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, specializing in the Old Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls. ... more
Marcus Grodi

Marcus Grodi: Ten Verses I Never Saw as a Presbyterian Minister

July 31, 2006

In this special episode of the Journey Home, Marcus talks about 10 verses of Holy Scripture he never saw when he was a Protestant. He discusses: Proverbs 3:5-6; 1 Timothy 3: 14-15; 2 Timothy 3:14-17; 2 Thessalonians 2:15; Matthew 16:13-19; Revelation 14:13; Romans 10:14-15; John 15:4 & 6:56; Colossians 1:24; and Luke 1:46-49.  ... more

Gary Hoge: Atheist Then Baptist

July 26, 2004

Gary was baptized in the Methodist Church when he was six month old but his parents soon stopped attending church. The little he knew of Christianity was from his father reading bedtime Bible stories to him. In high school and college he was an atheist but he wasn’t militant about is lack of belief. He began to reconsider God’s existence over a bowl of chili at Wendy’s and soon after began attending a Baptist church with his roommate. His journey to the Catholic faith began upon reading ... more
Jeffrey W Bail

Jeffrey W. Bail: Former Baptist Minister

March 8, 2004

Jeff was brought up in a Christian home. At the age of 15 he received Jesus into his heart at a Christian concert. Form many years he ministered as an associate pastor and music minister in various Baptist congregations. Even with as successful ministry he felt empty. He longed for the Church that Jesus said he would leave to his people. He eventually left ministry altogether. He met a friend in a Christian bookstore who began his journey to the Catholic Church. Jeff and his friend, unintentionally, attended a Rosary prayer ... more
Tim Drake

Open-Line With Tim Drake: A Lutheran Who Became a Catholic

December 1, 2003

Marcus and Tim answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more

Shawn Reeves: Former Evangelical Protestant

May 12, 2003

Shawn’s father was Protestant and his mother Catholic. As a child he was allowed to decide his own faith. He chose to be a Non-denominational Evangelical because he felt that their services were more interesting and easier to understand. While in college he was active in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship, but soon found himself in limbo because of the difficulties bought about by the problems of “sola Scriptura.” After his discover of the early Church Fathers, God guided him home to the Catholic Church. ... more
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Jim Anderson: Former Lutheran Seminarian

October 8, 2001

Jim was brought up in a nominally Methodist home. As a boy he was sent to Sunday school but his parents didn’t attend. Even so, he had a growing longing for God and gave his live to Christ on many occasions. During college he joined the Lutheran church, attracted by its liturgical worship. While in college, he became active in an ecumenical evangelical fellowship, where he met Catholic of loved Christ. While majoring in history, he discovered the Early Church Fathers, who started him on a serious journey to ... more
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Open-Line With Dr. Thomas Howard: Former Episcopalian

February 5, 2001

Marcus and Dr. Howard answer open-line questions for the audience. ... more
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Jeff Childers: Former Member of the Church of Christ

January 29, 2001

Jeff comes from a committed Church of Christ background. At the age of 9 he gave his life to Christ and was baptized for the forgiveness of his sins. As a teenager he studied to be a preacher under the tutelage of his pastor. For two years he ministered full-time as a minister. His journey to the Catholic Church began when he read a book entitled “Will the Real Heretics Please Stand Up”. Through this book Jeff discovered the early Church Fathers and Church History beginning a journey that would bring ... more