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The Rapture & Christ’s Return — “Hard Verses,” 1 Thes 4:16-17

November 7, 2015

Dr. Paul Thigpen, a member of The Coming Home Network, joins Marcus Grodi this week to discuss 1 Thessalonians 4:16-17. Paul was a pastor in a tradition that believed in the End Time scenario of the Rapture. Many read this passage to say that Christ will come back before the end of time and take all believers to Himself. Paul discovered that this reading of the passage is very modern and diverges widely from how Christians historically understood it. ... more

Matthew DiMartino: A Fundamentalist Baptist Who Became a Catholic

December 8, 2014

Matthew grew up in a Protestant family. His mother had been Baptist and his father had been Catholic. They brought Matthew up in a Charismatic Episcopal parish. In high school, he got involved in the rock music culture. In a few short years he didn’t want anything to do with Christianity. When he was 17 he got involved in selling drugs. He was arrested and spent time in jail. Soon after, 9-11 happened and Matthew realized that one day he would die. He turned his life over to God in ... more

Born Fundamentalist, Born Again Catholic

September 26, 2011

The day President John F. Kennedy was shot is one of my most vivid childhood memories. I was in sixth grade playing on the playground when the rumors started. Just before the dismissal bell at the end of the day, the principal made the announcement over the PA system: JFK had been assassinated. ... more

Rapture, End Times, Faith & Works — Matthew 24 & 25, Special Guest David Currie

August 3, 2011

David Currie was a former Fundamentalist Baptist seminarian and pastor’s kid when he discovered the beauty of the Catholic Church. In this episode of Deep in Scripture, David and Marcus Grodi discuss Matthew 24 & 25, which are chapters often misconstrued to support The Rapture theory. ... more
Carl Olson

“Abba, Father!”, Galatians 4:6

April 1, 2009

Marcus welcomes former Fundamentalist Evangelical Carl Olson to discuss his favorite verse from Saint Paul, Galatians 4:6. Carl is an experienced writer and author; therefore, he and Marcus discuss his research on “the Rapture” and the end times, among other things. ... more

Dr. Frank Hermann: Former Baptist Was Asked About Origins of Scripture

February 9, 2009

Frank was brought up in a secular home, with no talk of God. At the age of 19, however, after reading the gospels for the first time, he underwent a profound transformation and yielded his life to Jesus Christ. His neighbor, a Baptist minister, became his mentor. After college he thought he would be a missionary, but soon discovered that was not his vocation. His journey to the Catholic Church began when the adult Bible study group, in his Baptist Church, ask him to teach them about how we got the ... more

Tom Cabeen: Former Jehovah’s Witness Elder

May 19, 2008

When Tom was four years old his parents joined the Jehovah’s Witnesses, bringing him with them into that faith. He fully embraced the Jehovah’s Witnesses and quickly became an elder at the age of 21. He began to develop doubts when the predicted end times failed to materialize which the Witnesses had emphasized. Eventually, Tom and his wife were disfellowshipped and shunned by their family and friends. Tom’s intense research and study led him first to Evangelical Protestantism and eventually to full-communion with the Catholic Church. ... more

Jehovah’s Witness Roundtable

February 5, 2007

In this special Jehovah’s Witness Roundtable episode of the Journey Home, Marcus discusses, with two former Jehovah’s Witnesses, Dr. Jeff Schwehm and John Davis, as well as Fr. Mitch Pacwa, SJ, the unique doctrines of this group and how Catholic Christians can respond to them in truth and love. ... more
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Michael Matthews: Former Independent Baptist Minister

August 28, 2006

Michael is a former independent Baptist minister, of the Bob Jones University variety. When he was a Baptist he led many, many Catholics to leave the Church. Now he is a Catholic evangelist, apologist and author. He talkes with Marcus about what led him home to the ancient Church in communion with the Successor of St. Peter. ... more

The End Times, 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12

April 26, 2006

Marcus Grodi and Jim Anderson, joined by special guest David Currie, discuss 2 Thessalonians 2:1-12, a passage involving end-times references that have been interpreted in many conflicting ways. ... more