Marcus Grodi talking conference

Marcus Grodi Offers 10 Ways to Cultivate Conversion Within the Family (Video, EWTN Family Celebration)

April 22, 2014

At EWTN’s Family Celebration this year in Vancouver, Marcus Grodi spoke on evangelization, starting in the home. Here he shares 10 practical suggestions for how we can cultivate conversion amongst our family and friends. ... more
Fr. Gray Bean

Fr. Gray Bean: Former Baptist Minister

November 10, 2003

Father Bean was reared in a Southern Baptist home in Alabama. His mother made sure that he attended church and learned the Bible. When he was 11, he gave his life to Jesus. In high school and college, the love of music caused him to drift away from practicing his faith. When he was 21 he had a major conversion back to Christ, which soon resulted in his hearing the call to ministry. After he was ordained a Baptist minister he began to work for an M. Div. at a Baptist seminary. ... more

Patty Bonds: Former Baptist

February 11, 2002

Patty was born and raised in a staunchly Baptist family. Her father was the pastor. When she was six years old she asked Jesus to be her Lord and Savior. She continued to follow the Lord throughout her life coming into an even deeper relationship with God in the mid-90’s, when he called her to forgive those who had hurt her. Her Baptist congregation was a very narrow Calvinist group, believing that they were the chosen remnant. She was taught that the Catholic Church was the Whore of Babylon ... more
Curtis martin

Curtis & Michaelann Martin: Reverts from Evangelicalism

June 23, 2000

Curtis and Michaelann were both brought up in devoted Catholic families. He experienced all the rites of passage as other Catholic children, but they didn’t touch their hearts. Michaelann became enamored with secularism in high school. They both met committed Evangelical Christians in college, Curtis by Non-denominational Christians and Michaelann by members of the Church of Christ. After making friends some Evangelical students he rejected all things Catholic. Continuing to read Scripture, Curtis began to see passages that could only be properly understood in a Catholic context. By following ... more
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Steve Trombecky: Jewish Convert

March 26, 1999

Steve was born in Brooklyn and raised Jewish. In his late teens he moved to Israel and lived in a kibbutz. He would pray to God begging him to reveal himself to him. After six years he return home disappointed. After dabbling in eastern religions he gave up hope in anything. After reconciling with his own father he was led by God to seek out a Catholic Church and be baptized. When he was baptized the peace and love he’d always been seeking filled him. ... more