Paul Bennett – Former Presbyterian

November 18, 2016

Paul Bennett’s journey of faith really started when he hit rock bottom as an alcoholic.  Following the advice of his recovery program to turn his life over to a “higher power,” he began to pray to a God that he didn’t really understand.  As he continued to heal from addiction, he began to get involved in a local Christian community, eventually joining Bible studies and even book clubs.  Being a lawyer, he started to ask tough questions about some of the things he was being taught, eventually leading ... more
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“Do not be conformed to this world but be transformed,” Romans 12:1-8

March 11, 2015

Some key points in today’s passage: ... more

Dr. Wesley Vincent – Former Fundamentalist & Evangelical

March 2, 2015

As a young boy, Wesley was brought up in a Nazarene church. There he learned the importance of freewill and holiness in the Christian life. Later his parents moved and they began attending a Calvinist Baptist congregation, where he was taught the sovereignty of God, predestination and total depravity. When he was about 12, the family moved back to a Nazarene congregation. From this he gained a realization of the the doctrinal divisions amongst Protestants. While attended Wheaton College, he attended a Presbyterian church seeking worship centered on God. After he ... more
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We Are Debtors — Romans 8:12-23

December 10, 2014

In this episode of Deep in Scripture radio, Marcus Grodi and Kenneth Howell discuss what it means to be “debtors” to the world and to Christ. Are we sheep or are we sons and daughters of God? What does it mean to be a Christian? Do Christians suffer? What does Christian suffering mean? ... more
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Sin: Who will deliver me from this mortal body? — Romans 7:7-25

November 22, 2014

Christians still struggle with sin. How does a Christian deal with personal failings? How does a Christian view death? How does a Christian progress in the spiritual life? Do we realize how much we really need God? ... more

Praying to Saints and Dying to Sin, Romans 6:1-14

November 7, 2014

On today’s episode of Deep in Scripture, Marcus and Ken start by taking a listener question on the Scriptural basis for prayer to the saints and for our departed loved ones. They examine some relevant Scriptures and then turn to the tradition present in the Early Church Fathers to see how the early Christians regarded such practices. They then move on to their continuing study of Romans 6:1-14, discussing the meaning of Baptism and how Christians should respond to sin. ... more
Deep in Scripture

Peace, Love, and Holiness: Hebrews 12:14 – Deep in Scripture Radio

April 16, 2014

As Lent recedes and we approach Holy Week and Easter, the question arises to what extent have we benefited—have we changed or been changed—by the messages we have read or heard from Scripture or in Liturgy, by the graces of the sacraments, by the disciplines, or through our walking together with our fellow Christians on this Lenten journey? Maybe the best way to know is to re-examine the end to which the Lenten journey is taking us. Certainly in this case we think of Easter morning and the ... more
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Timothy Putnam: Former United Methodist Seminarian

March 24, 2014

Timothy talks with Marcus about the Methodist emphesis of holiness in God’s grace and their desire for an ever deeper walk with Christ and how this led him to the Catholic faith. Timothy is now the director for Marriage and Family Life for the Diocese of Tulsa, OK. His website is www.timothyputnam.com. ... more

You Have Nothing Better To Do

September 25, 2013

In my recent post “Discernment and the Hard, Long, Right Road Beneath Your Feet” I pointed out that as we discern what to do with our lives, since God never intends us to reach some good end via evil means, we can rule out options, however attractive, which seem to necessitate blameworthy shortcuts. Either we have been deceived (from within or without) about the actual goodness of the good we have in mind, or it is indeed a good, but not one we are being called to do, or perhaps ... more

Work: A Foretaste of Heaven

September 10, 2013

Jesus told several stories about a father with two sons, maybe because they so clearly illustrate the Two Ways of the spiritual life (cf, Ps 1). ... more

The Necessity of Continuous Conversion

August 22, 2013

After 40 years of ministry, half as a Protestant and half as a Catholic, I’ve come to the deep conviction that every single person needs continual conversion, especially when it comes to me. I’m constantly being startled by new aspects of this wonderful Catholic faith, which I thought I had come to understand, but which in reality I understand only as “in a mirror dimly.” And I believe the cause behind most of the conflicts that divide Christians stems from this need for continual conversion, from the top down. ... more

The Past to God’s Mercy, the Present to His Love, and the Future to His Providence

December 31, 2012

The journey to the Catholic Church is long and arduous for many people. Often the path is strewn with almost insurmountable obstacles, and many doubts, including self-doubt, seem to lie on the way. Even after entering the Church, which is an occasion of great joy, some converts find their new environment full of unexpected challenges. Yet, one thing characterizes all who find their way to the fullness of the faith in the Church: trust. Without trust they would not have begun their journey nor brought it to completion in being ... more