Romans 5:3-5 with Special Guest Kevin Lowry – Deep in Scripture

April 4, 2012

Today’s Scripture: Romans 5:3-5 ... more
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Tom Peterson: Revert from Secularism

March 7, 2011

Tom Peterson’s motto, “if it is to be, it is up to me”, was the mantra for his high-strung, over-achieving business persona.  Yes, he was a Mass-attending member of the Catholic Church, but it was, he admits, a self-serving faith.  That is, until the men’s retreat he found himself at in 1997.  It changed his life.  The Holy Spirit touched him in a way that Christ became real and present.  Tom began to attend Mass daily and read the scriptures, which now started to make sense.  Invited by his ... more

“Freed from sin and become slaves of God” — Hollywood & Saint Paul

February 17, 2010

Special Edition of Deep in Scripture – “Verse(s) I never saw…” Series ... more

How do I live Lenten conversion? Ephesians 4:25 – 5:2 (Part 4)

February 20, 2008

Marcus Grodi and Jim Anderson continue their discussion of Paul’s letter to the Ephesians. ... more
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Open-Line With Mark Shea: Former Non-denominational Evangelical

March 3, 2000

Marcus & Mark answer open-line questions. ... more