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Dr. Charlie & Kathleen Feicht: A Revert and Convert from Episcopalianism

June 11, 2001

Charlie’s father was Catholic and his mother was Methodist. He was brought up Catholic but was caught up in the madness of the ‘60’s and fell away from the faith. He finally met Christ, through a friend, while in Medical school. Kathleen was adopted into a family that moved often and worshiped in several denominations, Anglican, Presbyterian and Lutheran. At a young age she grew to love Jesus. Charlie and Kathleen met after he became a physician and were married. As a compromise they began to attend an Assembly ... more
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Dr. Dale Peterson, MD: Former Presbyterian

October 30, 2000

Dale grew up a nominal Christian family. At the age of 15 he decided he wanted to be a physician. In college and medical school he would sometimes attend a Unitarian church. After marrying, he and his wife thought they should attend church for their three children. After several years he realized that he needed to become serious about his faith. For the first time he began to pray and study the Scriptures. It took him seven years before he professed his faith in Christ. He became an elder in his ... more
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Dr. John Haas: Former Episcopal Priest

March 13, 1998

John was baptized Presbyterian and brought up a Lutheran. In college, while seeking the Catholic faith, he entered the Episcopal communion. Ordained an Episcopal priest, the lack of an authoritative voice to settle disputes in the Anglican communion led him and his family to the true apostolic authority in the Catholic Church. At this time John was president of the Pope John XXIII Medical Moral Research and Education Center, in Boston. ... more