Dr. Ryan Topping: A Former Mennonite

July 20, 2015

Ryan was brought up in Canada in the Mennonite faith. As a boy his family only attended church at Christmas and Easter. He gave his heart to Jesus Christ, when he was eight, at a summer church camp. As he matured he became very active in the Mennonite Church, actively leading other young people to Christ. Through reading How Should We Then Live, by Francis Schaeffer, he began to deepen his faith in history and philosophy. In college, he became ever more exposed to Catholic teaching and life.  Finally, a ... more
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Chad Gerber: Former Mennonite

August 13, 2012

Growing up in the heart of conservative Mennonite and Amish communities in Ohio, Chad Gerber has fond memories living in the Mennonite tradition, though, he was not particularly spiritual.  That changed when, at the age of 15, he had a a profound religious experience while attending a Young Life camp.  It was a life-alterring event.  He soon met his wife to be and by the time of college several years later, Chad had a clear sense of direction in his life.  He realized he had a passion for studying theology.  It ... more

Cradle Mennonite to Roman Catholic

January 30, 2012

On May 1, 2011, with great joy, I confessed my faith, was confirmed as a Roman Catholic, and received my first Holy Communion at Holy Cross Catholic Church in Mesa, Arizona. The church was packed with over a thousand reverent people for the 10 a.m. Mass, which made it so joyful and welcoming. For a 68-year-old Mennonite, career pastor and missionary, this was a dramatic move! ... more
Paul Schenck

Dr. Paul Schenck: Former Reformed Episcopal Minister

April 25, 2005

Paul was raised Jewish, with a Jewish father and a formerly Episcopal mother. At the age of 16, he gave his life to Jesus as his Messiah. After attending a Mennonite bible college and a Baptist seminary, he was ordained a Non-denominational minister. While working on the New International Standard Encyclopedia, he became interested in apostolic and liturgical Christianity, eventually to be ordained in the Reformed Episcopal Church. Paul’s work with the Pro-life movement, for which he unjustly spent seven years in prison, led him Home to the Catholic Church, ... more

Nolan & Tracy Spenst: Former Evangelical Christians

June 30, 2003

Nolan and Tracy are both from an Evangelical background. Nolan studied at Taylor University and Tracy earned a degree in Biblical Studies before their marriage. Nolan was ordained a minister in the Evangelical Church in North America, pastoring in Montana. Tracy’s desire to best live the Scriptures eventually led her to study the Catholic Church. Her studies caused tensions in their marriage. After a few years Nolan too began to study the Church. With many of their questions answered by a faithful Catholic friend, there were received into the ... more