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Fr Jay Scott Newman

Materialism, Philosophy, & Truth: Hebrews 1: 1-10 & John 8: 28-36

November 25, 2009

Marcus welcomes Rev. Jay Scott Newman to discuss the Scripture verses that influenced his decision to serve Christ, from a background of atheism and, eventually, Protestantism before entering the Catholic Church. Marcus and Fr. Newman discuss philosophy, order, scientific materialism, the Divinity of Christ, knowledge, history, and more! ... more
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Dr. Benjamin Wiker: A United Methodist Who Became A Catholic

February 26, 2001

Dr. Wiker grew up in a United Methodist home but there was no dramatic encounter with Christ until he went to college. Through his discovery of the great books, his mind began to be opened to truth and beauty. As he continued his studies in graduate school, the extreme liberalism of the seminary he attended, pushed him to the Catholic Church and the truth it represents. Dr. Wiker graduated from Furman University with a B.A. in Political Philosophy. He has an M.A. in Religion and a Ph.D. ... more