A Navy Pilot Navigates His Way Home

May 31, 2016

Flying as copilot on a wide body jet many years ago, I started to descend to a lower altitude when a series of loud bangs shook the aircraft and kicked off the autopilot. As the nose of the jet pitched over abruptly, I tried to stop the increasing descent rate. At first there was no response from the controls, but slowly, painfully, I managed to get things under control. A cargo shift had occurred and, for a few brief seconds, my comfortable world had been transformed to an unfamiliar and ... more
Eric Neubauer

What does the Church say about…? – with Eric Neubauer

February 24, 2016

“That which I thought was strange [about Catholicism], once I investigated it, it wasn’t that strange anymore!” ... more
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Eric Neubauer: Former Independent Non-denominational

December 21, 2015

Eric has been on the pilgrims path, following Jesus since 1993. After his initial conversion he found his path to service through leadership at Hillcrest Church in Dallas, Texas.  Eventually he became the Campus Pastor at Southern Methodist University for Hillcrest Church serving on campus for six years, later serving as pastor of College & Career Adults, Youth Ministry, and Community Outreach. After moving to Connecticut, he worked with a community of other like-minded Christians to improve the physical environment of their neighborhood and entered into dialogue with neighbors on the ... more
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Brandon Sheard: Former Non-Denominational Evangelical & Calvinist

November 30, 2015

Brandon grew up in a Christ centered home where he learned the love of Jesus Christ. His father had attended seminary to be a minister, but he chose the of vocation at a husband and father instead. The sermons in his church were focused on exegetical preaching. In college, Brandon majored in English. There he learned that there were problems with only reading Holy Scripture with an exegetical method was an unstable foundation for his faith. He became increasingly aware that he was crafting his own spirituality. This was the ... more

John Sherman: Former Methodist & Non-denominational

June 8, 2015

John was raised in an Methodist home. They gave him a good foundation and took him to church but Jesus wasn’t talked about much in the home. By the time his entered college he was more or less an agnostic.  Later, motivated by physical ailments, John was driven to the arms of Jesus, committing his life to him through his suffering. Wanting to be involved with other passionate Christians, he joined a Non-denominational congregation. About this time he was invited to attend a group, made up mostly of Catholic ... more

Tom Grossman: Former Non-denominational Charismatic

April 27, 2015

Tom was raised by awesome parents who loved the Lord Jesus. The family moved around a lot, active in different Non-denominational ministries. While in college Tom began to drift. His father challenged him to come home with him to come home with him to do a year of ministry with him with the All Nations House of Prayer. During this time he began to read about the spiritual life and prayer. Most of the writers were Catholic. This would be the beginning of Tom’s journey into a deeper relationship ... more

The Greatest Questions in Life

September 29, 2014

My father was an officer in the Army. Like all military families, we were transferred every few years, forced to plant new seeds just as the old ones were beginning to sprout. This transient life shaped me in more ways than I can imagine. Religiously, we had to find a new church each time we moved. We tasted a variety of denominations, but the churches we finally claimed as our own were chosen based on how welcoming they were. Questions of truth were secondary to the quality of the organ ... more
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Longing For Truth

July 1, 2014

“My longing for truth was a single prayer.” – St. Edith Stein ... more

My Reversion Story

April 21, 2014

My eyes were not prepared to see what my ears had failed to detect. Back home, clues like the jolting pings on the sheet metal over the neighbor’s carport, or the rapid-fire whacks on my bedroom window at night, were tell tale signs of rain. But snow is completely different. Unlike rain, where visual confirmation is not necessary, snow has to be seen to know it’s falling. And this is what led to my early-morning surprise. ... more

God Buried His Seed in My Heart

April 7, 2014

Throughout my life, almost every time I have had a quick, guttural, “absolutely not” reaction or attitude toward something, God has turned it around on me and made me change my mind. I think because deep down I feel drawn to certain things, but I want to defy myself (my conscience) or God out of pride. For example, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I’ll tell you one thing: I will never become a teacher” (yes, I ended up getting an Education degree and teaching). ... more

A Church I Could Confidently Defend!

January 27, 2014

It’s impossible for me to remember a time when God didn’t play a large role in my life. My earliest memories are of my dad inviting me to accept Jesus as Lord and Savior and reading Bible stories to me. I had a children’s picture Bible that contained many stories. After Dad read aloud out of his Bible, he’d find the story in mine and share it with me. I was taught that Christmas was about the birth of Christ and Easter was about His Resurrection. ... more
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Richard Thompson: Former Non-denominational Protestant

August 12, 2013

Richard shares with Marcus about his early days as the son of immigrant parents from Armenia and the moral foundation he received by participating in the Protestant church of his neighbors.  However, through college, law school and in his career as a lawyer, there was very little connection with those seeds of faith planted.  It was not until serving as the prosecutor in the Dr. Kevorkian case that Richard began to earnestly delve into the significance of the Judeo-Christian roots of our nation.  It led him into the Catholic church ... more