Real Presence


Brandon Barker: Former Southern Baptist/Evangelical

March 16, 2015

Brandon grew up in Texas the son of two wonderful Christian parents and from his youth he loved Jesus Christ. When he was about 12 Brandon and his family began to attend a Southern Baptist congregation. Almost all of his friends were Christians of some stripe or another. He knew very few Catholics and believed that the Catholic Church was a cult. When he was 17, he felt was called to full-time Christian ministry. Though in college he faced new temptations and began to struggle with his faith, eventually he entered Dallas ... more

Dr. Ian Murphy: Former Baptist Minister

February 9, 2015

Ian, as a little boy, developed a love for the Scriptures and had read the entire Bible by the time he was eight years old. Sadly, at this point he became an agnostic because he felt that God, Jesus and the Gospel were too good to be true. By the time he was fourteen he was having anxiety attacks over “the God question”. Finally, he prayed and asked God to allow him to touch the spiritual realm. He learned to be careful how you pray when he was attacked by ... more
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Cole Matson: A Presbyterian Who Became A Catholic

January 12, 2015

Cole was raised in a devout Presbyterian household, though his parents didn’t baptize him as an infant because they believed he should make his own decision. Cole was converted to Christ and was baptized when he was 14 after reading Les Miserables and The Lord of the Rings. His journey to full communion with the Catholic Church began after reading Joseph Pearce’s C. S. Lewis, which caused him to seriously consider several Catholic doctrines, such as the Real Presence and Purgatory. Cole was received into the Catholic Church in 2010. ... more

John Robinson: A Member of the Church of England Who Became a Catholic

December 1, 2014

John was brought up in England in the Anglican Communion.  He became active in music ministry in Anglican parishes in England. At one time he was the organist for Canterbury Cathedral. His journey to the Catholic Church began when he met his future wife, who was a convert to the Catholic faith. John is currently director of St. Paul’s Boys Choir in Boston, Massachusetts. ... more

Michael Cousineau: An Assemblies of God Who Returned to the Catholic Church

November 17, 2014

Mike was brought up Catholic. While in college his journey away from the Church began when a friend’s mother led him in the sinner’s prayer. While in the military, a friend finished the process by challenging many core Catholic teachings. After he was married, he pulled the family completely out of the Church because he didn’t want his Children to be taught Catholic corruptions. At first, the family attended a Baptist congregation and later the Assemblies of God. For many years he was an active Sunday school ... more

Deacon Rick Bauer: Former Church of Christ Minister

September 15, 2014

Deacon Rick was brought up Catholic but by high school he had lost his faith. He believed in God but religion was the last thing on his mind. While in college, he began to read the Bible for the first time, while attending a Church of Christ fellowship.  After giving his life to Jesus Christ he dropped out of law school, joined their ministry training program and became a campus minister. He served as a Church of Christ minister for a number of years. While working on his masters degree ... more
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Nikki & Jason Workmaster: Former Baptists & Evangelicals

February 10, 2014

Jason grew up in Florida with a broad Evangelical background.  He met his future wife in high school when she moved from Chicago at age 15.  Both had strong Protestant faiths but wrestled with two issues:  “once saved always saved” and communion being a symbol.  After they married, Jason and Nikki began a ten-year journey while having an active role in a local Baptist church.  They struggled to find authoritative teaching about birth control and eventually discovered JPII’s theology of the body.  Their young son’s interest in the saints, ... more
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Nancy McCall: Former Baptist

January 27, 2014

Having been dedicated to the Lord while still in the womb, Nancy grew up in the Baptist Church.  It was through the devotion of her mother and Sunday School that Nancy came to know and love Jesus.  At age 7, she made her declaration of faith and was subsequently baptized.  Over the next several decades, Nancy continued to focus on learning about her faith and serving Christ, as she became involved with, and later worked for, Campus Crusade for Christ.  During this time also, Nancy began to experience a series of “ ... more
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Paulette Adams: Former Christian Church/Disciples of Christ Minister

September 9, 2013

Paulette Adams shares her story of conversion to the Catholic faith, via Protestant roots in the Baptist, Methodist and Christian Church Disciples of Christ traditions.  Serving as an ordained pastor for over 20 years, Paulette describes the particulars of her journey and how God planted seeds along the way.  The real presence of Christ and searching for the truth were two constants as she followed the calling in her heart. ... more
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Matt Palmer: Former United Methodist

July 8, 2013

Matt Palmer grew up in Columbus, OH in a family of six – a great childhood in the sixties in a Christian home with Methodist roots.  Attending college, Matt moved away from practicing his faith,  but once graduated and relocated in Washington, D.C., he reconnected.  A year later, Matt found himself at Harvard in graduate school.  He grew spiritually through involvement in two para church organizations.  Subsequently returning to his hometown and settling into a business career in the early 1980’s, Matt met his wife to be.  He claims that ... more
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Pat Ermi: Former Southern Baptist

May 27, 2013

Pat Irmi of OH grew up in an active Southern Baptist home and attended a Baptist college.  She shares her story of marriage, divorce and remarriage that, for the most part, was devoid of faith practices.  It really was not until the crisis of her youngest son’s diagnosis of a brain tumor, that Pat began to seek spiritual assistance.  At the urging of her mother, Pat looked to the faith tradition of her husband – the Catholic Church.  Pat shares that journey in such a difficult time in her life, ... more
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Shannon Kurtz: Former Baptist & Evangelical Free; revert

March 25, 2013

Shannon Kurtz grew up in Bay City, MI as one of six children in an devout Irish Catholic family.  Fully immersed in the Catholic school and parish life, Shannon loved everything about her faith.  The sudden death of her mother at age 44 while Shannon was in high school, and the subsequent loss of her mentor Aunt had a profound effect on the family.  Several years later, after some college, Shannon entered the Navy where she eventually met her husband and later converted to Evangelical Protestantism.  She reflects on the people ... more