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Cliff Bajema: Former Christian Reformed Minister

June 9, 2014

Cliff was raised in the Christian Reformed faith. After attending Calvin College and Seminary, he was ordained a minister of that denomination. He was a minister for 42 years. He describes how a deep hunger for Jesus in the Holy Eucharist led him and his wife Home to the Catholic Church. ... more

God Buried His Seed in My Heart

April 7, 2014

Throughout my life, almost every time I have had a quick, guttural, “absolutely not” reaction or attitude toward something, God has turned it around on me and made me change my mind. I think because deep down I feel drawn to certain things, but I want to defy myself (my conscience) or God out of pride. For example, “I don’t know what I’m gonna do, but I’ll tell you one thing: I will never become a teacher” (yes, I ended up getting an Education degree and teaching). ... more
Peter Kreeft

Hauled Aboard the Ark

October 31, 2011

I was born into a loving, believing community, a Protestant “mother church” (the Reformed Church) which, though it had not for me the fullness of the faith, had strong and genuine piety. I believed, mainly because of the good example of my parents and my church. The faith of my parents, Sunday School teachers, ministers, and relatives made a real difference to their lives, a difference big enough to compensate for many shortcomings. “Love covers a multitude of sins.” ... more
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Nancy Groom: Former Presbyterian via the Reformed Church

May 30, 2011

Author Nancy Groom shares her faith journey which began and continued for many years in the Christian Reformed Church.  Her Calvinist theology formed the basis of her perception of God as sovereign but distant, and established a disconnect from her presented self versus the reality of her true, but hidden, self.  Coupled with the fact of living with an alcoholic father and a probable alcoholic husband, Nancy sought control of every aspect of her life.  Not until beginning to confront the role that she was playing in the demise of ... more

Dr. John Bergsma: Christian Reformed Church (Dutch Calvinist) Pastor

March 24, 2008

John grew up in the Christian Reformed Church (Dutch Calvinist) and served as a pastor for four years before becoming Catholic in 2001, while getting a Ph.D. in Scripture from the University of Notre Dame. John is now an associate professor of theology at Franciscan University of Steubenville, specializing in the Old Testament and the Dead Sea Scrolls. ... more
Gerald and Jennifer Tritle

Gerald & Jennifer Tritle: Former Orthodox Reformed Presbyterian

September 27, 2004

Gerald was born into a Lutheran family but stopped attending church when he was seven. As a young adult he joined a Pentecostal Church. Jennifer was raised by very ministry-orientated parents from a Nazarene background. They met while Gerald was on a business trip to California. After they were married they church hopped for a while and eventually joined the Orthodox Reformed Presbyterian Church, where Gerald became an Elder. While attending seminary he was required to read the Catechism of the Catholic Church, so as to define how the Catholics ... more

Steven Greydanus: Former Dutch Reformed

October 27, 2003

Steven was raised in a committed Christian household. His father was a Dutch Reformed pastor who taught him to know his faith. Unfortunately, he also taught him to be anti-Catholic. After his father left the pastorate, the family began to attend an Episcopal parish where Steven gained an appreciation for liturgy and the sacraments. Steven’s journey to the Catholic Church began when he realized that there a lack of any possibility of unity among Protestants without any functional church authority. Steven writes a weekly column on home video releases ... more
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Dr. William Park: Former Reformed

January 8, 1999

William was raised a Presbyterian with deep roots in that heritage. After school he became a secular humanist. Finally, in his forty’s, he realized he needed God in his life. With no Presbyterian congregation in his town, he began to attend the local Reformed Church. Soon after, he discovered Apologia Pro Vita Sua, by Blessed John Henry Newman. He felt called to be Catholic but thought he should bloom where he was planted. It took seven years, but after a special intervention of the Blessed Virgin Mary, he realized ... more