reproductive ethics

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Dr. Anthony Caruso: Catholic Revert

October 22, 2012

Dr. Anthony Caruso, a reproductive endocrinologist, joins Marcus in reflecting on his faith journey which began in Boston in the early post-Vatican II days.  A son of Italian and Irish parents who grew up across the street from one another, Dr. Caruso found himself immersed in the Catholic culture.  From fourth through eighth grade, he attended St. Paul’s Choir School in Cambridge and was formed in the traditions of ... more
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Kevin Lowry: Former Presbyterian

April 2, 2012

Kevin is the Chief Operations Officer of the Coming Home Network International. ... more
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Fr. John Markham, MD: Former Southern Baptist

July 26, 2010

Father John was reared in North Carolina in a faithful fundamentalist Southern Baptist home. He has loved Jesus as long as he can remember. He never met a Catholic until he went to college. From his youth he had a love of medicine. While in college he entered the Presbyterian church. He became a physician and served as a medical doctor for many years. The witnesses, over many years, of ... more
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Open-Line With Dr. John Haas: Former Episcopal Priest

May 5, 2000

Marcus and John answer open-line questions from the audience. ... more
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Dr. James Patrick: Former Episcopal Priest

July 30, 1999

Dr. Patrick grew up in the Baptist church. In his later teen years, through his interest in church history, he became an Episcopalian. After his service in the army, he felt called to the ministry, attended seminary and was ordained an Episcopal priest. He became a professor of ethics and moral theology. The richness and faithfulness of Catholic teaching, in light of the moral disintegration of the Anglican Communion, brought ... more