return of Christ


David Currie: Former Fundamentalist Bible Christian

June 2, 2003

Marcus and David answer open-line questions from the audience. ... more
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Fr. Patrick J. Rohen: Former Fundamentalist Minister

January 28, 2002

Fr. Rohen grew up in Toledo, Ohio in a Catholic home. After hight school, he entered the Air Force. While stationed in Italy, through the influence of a Protestant chaplain, he left the Church and became an Evangelical Protestant, in 1978. He came under the strong influence of books by Hal Lindsey about the End Times. After the service, he was ordained in the Independent Fundamental Churches of America. From 1981 to 1984, he attended the Moody Bible Institute, in Chicago. At this time Fr. Rohen’s theology centered on the Rapture and ... more

Dr. Paul Thigpen: Evangelical Pentecostal Minister

December 31, 2001

Marcus and Paul discuss End Times topics, both Protestant and Catholic teachings. Paul was raised Presbyterian but at the age of 12 became an atheist, later dabbling in the New Age Movement. As a senior in high school he was brought back to Christ through a frightening experience with the demonic. Paul served as a Pentecostal and United Methodist minister before entering the Catholic Church. ... more
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Steve Wood: Former Presbyterian Minister

May 14, 1999

A graduate of Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary, Steve served as an Evangelical Presbyterian pastor for a decade before his entire family converted to Catholicism in 1990. Responding to a challenge from Pope John Paul II to strengthen families, he started the Family Life Center International in 1992. See: ... more