Amy Daniels: Former United Methodist Minister

April 13, 2015

Amy was brought up in a military home on Governor’s Island in New York. Her parents were Presbyterian but, attending the base chapel, Amy viewed herself merely as Protestant. While visiting Italy with her Latin class in high school she attended Mass with her teacher. This inspired in Amy an interest in all things Catholic that would stay with her throughout her life. Later in life, she would study ... more

Fr. Greg Paffel: A Catholic Who Returned from the Assemblies of God

November 24, 2014

Father Greg was raised in a Catholic family but, though he believed in God, he only remembers praying with his heart twice when he was young. Sadly, he had next to no catechesis. Even though he attended Mass he did not know the faith. When he was a junior in high school, a friend asked him if he knew Jesus and invited him to his Assembly of God youth group. ... more
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Deacon David Miller: Former Lutheran

July 28, 2014

Deacon David was born and raised Lutheran. His grandmother made sure that he was at Sunday school every week. He would read the Bible under his covers at night. Even with this background, after confirmation, he stopped attending church. For about 15 years he drifted spiritually. At one time he wanted something to hang from his rear view mirror so he ordered a rosary he saw in a magazine. While experiencing ... more
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Philip Frederick: Former Non-Practicing Protestant

December 2, 2013

Philip Frederick shares his conversion story from growing up in a family where, despite faith being a non-issue, he and his three siblings had a wonderful childhood.  It was not until, as a recent high school graduate, he met a young woman who happened to be Catholic.   From that chance encounter, his life took a whole new trajectory.  Philip tells how the rosary and a saintly elderly priest played significant ... more
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Eric Sammons: Former United Methodist

April 23, 2012

Growing up in Cincinnati in a typical suburban family, Eric Sammons was raised in the United Methodist tradition.  It was a religiously sheltered life, he claims.  Not until college would Eric be exposed and challenged by the various nuances of other denominational offerings.  It was in high school, however, that Eric had a significant religious experience at a weekend youth retreat.  This led him to begin living an intentional Christian ... more
Fr Brian Mallady OP

Fr. Brian Mullady, OP, STD : Life-long Catholic

September 8, 2008

Father Mullady is a life-long Catholic. He is the son of an Air Force officer and was raised through out the United States. He entered the Dominican Order in 1966 and was Ordained in Oakland, California, in 1972.  He has been a parish priest, high school teacher, retreat master, mission preacher and university professor. He received his Doctorate in Sacred Theology (STD) from the Angelicum University in Rome, Italy and was professor ... more

Dr. David L. Hall: Former Brethren in Christ Minister

January 14, 2008

David, a former Brethren in Christ minister, knew that commitment to Jesus Christ was important. He set out to find the best way to fulfill his commitment to Jesus and it led him to Catholicism. ... more
Jeffrey W Bail

Jeffrey W. Bail: Former Baptist Minister

March 8, 2004

Jeff was brought up in a Christian home. At the age of 15 he received Jesus into his heart at a Christian concert. Form many years he ministered as an associate pastor and music minister in various Baptist congregations. Even with as successful ministry he felt empty. He longed for the Church that Jesus said he would leave to his people. He eventually left ministry altogether. He met a friend in ... more

Noah Lett: Former Lutheran Minister

March 1, 2004

Marcus and Noah answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more

Jimmy Akin: Former Presbyterian

November 3, 2003

Marcus and Jimmy answer open-line questions from the audience. ... more
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Scott McDermott: Former Atheist

October 13, 2003

Scott grew up in Kentucky in an unchurched family. In reaction against what he saw the ignorance of fundamentalist Christians around him, at a very early age he declared himself an Atheist. At the same time, as a teen, he developed same sex attraction. In college, he became immersed in politics and the gay lifestyle. Depress and feeling empty he began to read Catholic authors, such as Flannery O’Connor, ... more

Glen Allen: Former Baptist Minister

July 14, 2003

Glen was reared a Methodist, in the projects in Milwaukee, one of 10 children. At 13, he was sent to a Jesuit boarding school but he wasn’t interested and did not learn the Catholic faith. From his experiences in school, he came to dislike white people and the Catholic Church. In college, he met his future wife, Elaine, who was a Baptist preacher’s kid. After they were married, Glen became ... more