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Jeffrey Morrow JH

Jeffrey Morrow, Jewish Atheist turned Catholic Christian

February 29, 2016

Marcus Grodi welcomes Jewish convert and former Evangelical Protestant Jeffrey Morrow to discuss his journey from atheism into belief in God, Christianity, and ultimately, Catholicism. Jeffrey grew up not knowing that Christmas or Easter had anything to do with Jesus! Not only was he not familiar with Christianity, but he simply didn’t belief any God existed! Challenged by peers in college, he realized that Christianity is one of the most historically-defensible ideologies. He realized his atheism took more faith than belief in God. After coming to know Jesus Christ, ... more
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Steven Smith: Former Non-denominational Evangelical

April 1, 2013

Dr. Steven Smith grew up in a loving, moral Catholic home in Chicago in a predominantly Irish Catholic neighborhood.  He admits that though weekly mass attenders, the family did not talk much about their faith.  In high school, Steven began to have questions and by college considered himself agnostic.  He had a invitation from a protestant ministry group on campus which led him to a Plymouth Brethren congregation for about a year and then to a mega church, Willow Creek.  It was here that he was formed in scripture and ... more
Mark Shea pic

Hold Fast to the Traditions You Were Taught, 2 Thessalonians 2:15

December 16, 2009

Marcus welcomes noted Catholic apologist Mark Shea. Mark was raised in a rather pagan or agnostic home and came to know Christ as an Evangelical later in life. After realizing that he, as an Evangelical, relied on the authority of tradition, just as much as Catholics did, he began researching more about Church history and Catholic teaching. Eventually, he joined the Catholic Church. Marcus and Mark focus on the reason why Divine Revelation necessitates an authoritative Tradition. Why are some books in the Bible and others aren’t? ... more

Fr. Douglas Lorig: Former Episcopalian Priest

November 24, 2008

Fr. Doug talks abou his life as an Episcopal priest and the journey he took with his wife and four children to the Catholic Church, in 1979. He was ordained to the priesthood in the Catholic Church by Bishop Thomas O’Brien in 1984. ... more
Leona Choy

Leona Choy: Former Parachurch Evangelical Missionary

November 13, 2006

Leona was baptized and confirmed in the Presbyterian Church. For many years she served in parachurch Evangelical missions, in China and North America, in cooperation with many difference denominations. Leona’s journey to the Catholic Church began when a friend of her entered the Catholic Church. She was shocked and wondered by anyone would do such a thing. After much prayer and study, Leona was also received into full-communion with the Catholic Church. ... more
Marcus Grodi

Marcus Grodi: Ten Verses I Never Saw as a Presbyterian Minister

July 31, 2006

In this special episode of the Journey Home, Marcus talks about 10 verses of Holy Scripture he never saw when he was a Protestant. He discusses: Proverbs 3:5-6; 1 Timothy 3: 14-15; 2 Timothy 3:14-17; 2 Thessalonians 2:15; Matthew 16:13-19; Revelation 14:13; Romans 10:14-15; John 15:4 & 6:56; Colossians 1:24; and Luke 1:46-49.  ... more
Jason Shanks

Jason Shanks: Former Methodist

November 22, 2004

Jason was raised in a Methodist family, though they did not attended church. In college he experienced a deep conversion to Christ and became active in Campus Crusade. Still he felt no deep desire to attend a church. He began to think about the Catholic Church after discerning a call to marriage. The question arose that if one didn’t need to belong to a particular church, why did we have the custom of getting married in a church? The idea of tradition and authority led him Home to the ... more

Karen Sadock: Former Episcopalian

August 9, 2004

Karen journey began as an unchurched youth in a nominally Protestant family. They defined themselves by “not being Catholic.” She gave her life to Christ after a sleep over at a friend’s house while attending their church the next day. She became attracted to and joined the Anglican Communion, when she saw the Queen take off her crown to receive communion. She came into full-communion with the Catholic Church after attending an Anglican seminary. ... more

Fr. Steven Anderson: Former Charismatic Episcopal Priest

February 9, 2004

Father Anderson was raised a Presbyterian and invited Jesus into his hear at the age of 14. As a young man he was always interested in seeking and following the truth. After attending Oral Roberts University, he first entered the Episcopal Church but later the Charismatic Episcopal Church, where he was ordained a priest of that denomination. In his continual search for truth, Father Anderson read deeply of the Church Fathers, especially St. Irenaeus and St. Patrick. He was received into the Catholic Church in 1999 and ordained a Catholic priest in 2003. ... more

Stephanie Wood: Former Presbyterian

December 8, 2003

Stephanie is the oldest of eight children. She was received into the Catholic Church when she was ten, the same time her father, Steve Wood, a former Presbyterian minister, and the rest of her family became Catholic. She was homeschooled and later attended Ave Maria University. Marcus and Stephanie discuss the particular challenges facing a pastor’s child then their parent converts to the Catholic faith. ... more
Screen-Shot-2014-10-04-at-2.49.49-PM Marcus Grodi

Marcus Grodi: Former Presbyterian Minister

July 22, 2002

Marcus answers questions solo from the Journey Home audience. Marcus was reared Lutheran but, while in college, accepted Christ in a Charismatic Congregational church. After attending Gordon-Conwell seminary he was ordained a Congregational minister. Seeking doctrinal authority he became a Presbyterian minister. Still frustrated with his inability to know for certain whether what he preached was the Truth, a “chance” meeting with an old seminary classmate, Scott Hahn, started him on the road Home to the Catholic Church. ... more
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Mark Gordon: Son of a Baptist Minister & an Assemblies of God Minister

October 22, 2001

Mark reared in a wonderful Evangelical home. He gave his heart to Jesus Christ as a young man. His father was ordained an Independent Baptist minister and later served in an Evangelical Friends (Quaker) congregation.  His mother later was ordained an Assembly of God minister. As Mark grew in the faith he began to realize that there were deep disagreements among Evangelicals about essential points of doctrine and that something was very wrong. While, watching a papal Mass one Christmas Eve, he began his journey Home to the Catholic Church. ... more