salvation outside the Church

patrick madrid bw

“Hard Verses” with Patrick Madrid

October 22, 2015

Call no man father? Is there salvation outside the Catholic Church? ... more

The Necessity of the Church

March 3, 2015

Many years ago I had a conversation with an older colleague whom I admired very much. He was an accomplished scholar of the New Testament and especially of St. Paul’s epistles. We were discussing the teaching on the Church in the New Testament when he made a statement that took me back. “According to such-and-such a scholar,” he said, “every instance of the word ecclesia (church) in the New Testament refers to the local church.” I was astounded at this claim because I knew what he and this other ... more

Listener Q&A: Praying to Mary, Scripture, Salvation and the Church

August 13, 2008

Praying to Mary, the Catholic Church and Scripture in the Middle Ages, does the Church add to the Gospel? Do we need to be a part of the Church to be saved? ... more
Mitch Pacwa

Open Line With Fr. Mitch Pacwa

December 3, 2007

Marcus and Father Mitch answer open-line questions from the Journey Home Audience. They also talk about Pope Benedict XVI’s encyclical Spe Salvi “Saved in Hope”. ... more
Cardinal Marc Ouellet Canada

Marc Cardinal Ouellet: An Interview With the Archbishop of Quebec

December 27, 2004

His Eminence was born in French Canada about 10 hours north of Quebec city. He was given a deep faith in Christ and his Church by the pious devotion of his grandparents, especially seeing his grandfather pray the Rosary. As a young man he thought he was be a teacher but soon felt the call to the priesthood. He was appointed Archbishop of Quebec in 200 2 and was elevated to the Sacred College of Cardinals in 2003. ... more
Al Kresta

Al Kresta: Former Non-Denominational Minister

December 6, 2004

Al was reared in a Catholic home. However he was never properly taught the faith and didn’t see it being lived out in his family. In high school and college, during the 1960’s, he easily fell away into the life of sex, drugs and rock and roll. After an experience with LSD, he began a search for the meaning of life. This search brought him to an Evangelical Church when he met Jesus Christ and eventually became a Non-denominational pastor. It was a question about the faith from one ... more
Jason Shanks

Jason Shanks: Former Methodist

November 22, 2004

Jason was raised in a Methodist family, though they did not attended church. In college he experienced a deep conversion to Christ and became active in Campus Crusade. Still he felt no deep desire to attend a church. He began to think about the Catholic Church after discerning a call to marriage. The question arose that if one didn’t need to belong to a particular church, why did we have the custom of getting married in a church? The idea of tradition and authority led him Home to the ... more

Dr. Pamela Hollins: Former Baptist

September 29, 2003

Pam grew up in a God fearing Baptist home. She said her nightly prayers and faithfully attended church though college. He began to have questions about her faith because of her mother’s illness and subsequent death. She also began to have difficulties with the “behind the scenes” activities occurring in her Baptist congregation. Late one night, while channel surfing, she stumbled upon EWTN. Thus began her journey to the Catholic Church. ... more
eduardo echeverria

Open-Line With Dr. Eduardo Echeverria: Revert from Calvinism & Anglicanism

August 4, 2000

Marcus and Eduardo answer open-line questions from the audience. ... more
scott hahn 6

Open-Line With Dr. Scott Hahn: Former Presbyterian Minister

September 3, 1999

Marcus and Scott answer open-line questions from the Journey Home audience. ... more
Screen Shot 2014-06-27 at 1.54.45 PM

Open-Line With Dr. William Marshner: Former Lutheran

July 2, 1999

Marcus and Dr. Marshner answer open-line questions of the audience. ... more
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Christine Frances Collins: Revert from the Episcopal Church

December 18, 1998

Christine was brought up in the Catholic Church but got involved in Protestant fellowships in high school, where she developed a deep commitment to Christ. Having become Reformed in her theology, she attended Gordon College, in Boston. For a long time she didn’t ally herself to any one denomination. Eventually, she entered the Episcopal church. Working with troubled youth, she had a crisis of faith over the issue of suffering. For several years she felt distant from God. During a difficult journey back to faith she fell in love ... more