One Moment of Grace – Adrienne Pueschel

June 20, 2016

I was 51 years old, married for 15 years and without children, living on five acres in the woods of Southern Oregon, at the time of Pope John Paul II’s death. My husband, Brad, had not been as concerned as I over not having a real church to attend, but it bothered me very much for years, especially at Easter. Yet here was the largest Church on earth holding the world captive at Easter in the year 2005, and I could not stop crying. ... more

Kris Sarver, Former Atheist

May 2, 2016

Kris Sarver was raised Catholic, but after asking complicated questions about Hell as a child, she figured that Catholicism, and religion in general, were for simpletons and the uneducated. She pursued a life as a scientist with the military, and after a failed marriage, decided that she should end her life. It was during that suicide attempt that she first felt the presence of a loving God. That relationship culminated in her rediscovery of the Catholic faith of her youth, which she joyfully practices today. ... more
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Jennifer Fulwiler, former atheist

March 14, 2016

Marcus Grodi welcomes return guest Jennifer Fulwiler, a former atheist whose full conversion story was detailed in her book, Something Other Than God.  Jennifer grew up happy in an atheistic home where the mantra was, “seek the truth and question assumptions; do your own investigations”.  She lived out her high school and college years as an intellectual with no belief in God and adopted a counter-cultural persona.  It was not until meeting and marrying her husband that her faithless world began to develop cracks.  The birth of their first child ... more

Dr. Scott Sullivan: Former Evangelical

August 17, 2015

Scott was raised in a loving Non-denomination Evangelical Protestant home. In high school and college he fell away from the faith because he didn’t know any arguments to show him that Christianity was true. For a long time his life was centered on martial arts. While in college he began to ask the question, “What it the purpose of life?” He thought he might look into religion again. In a bookstore he stumbled upon the Handbook of Christian Apologetics by Peter Kreeft & Ronald Tacelli. This began his journey ... more

Matthew Christoff: A Former Pluralist and Relativist

August 3, 2015

Prior to his conversion, Matthew was a pluralist, believing that all religions had truth but no single religion had the “Truth.”  In the midst of a life-threatening battle with cancer, Matthew had a series of encounters with Jesus Christ that eventually led him to the Catholic Church. He was received into the Church in 2006. Since becoming a Catholic, Matthew has been writing about how people can better meet, know and love Jesus Christ.  In 2013, Matthew launched The New Emangelization Project to help the Church confront the Catholic “man-crisis” and to ... more

Jack Bryant: Revert

June 29, 2015

Jack had a good Catholic background but from his teen years, after a traumatic experience, he drifted away from the Church. His journey Home began when, after the death of his father, he went into a deep depression. It got so bad that it was affecting his work and family. He regularly drove past the local Catholic parish and felt drawn to it. With much fear and trembling, God led him to faith and healing through the guidance of a holy priest and his first confession in 45 years in the ... more

Dr. Jared Ortiz: Revert from the World

June 22, 2015

Jared was brought up in a in a Catholic family but was never formed in the faith. Most religious influence ended after his parents divorced when he was about eight. By the time he was in high school, God did not have any factor in his life. When he was a senior, after a breakup with a girlfriend, he became depressed a suicidal. While at the University of Chicago, Jared was a confused agnostic, open to the truth, but without any clear idea of what the truth might be. Through ... more

Dr. Holly Ordway: Former Episcopalian

June 1, 2015

Holly grew up “culturally Christian”. The family never attended church and their wasn’t a Bible in the house but there was no hostility to religion. She was gripped by the Chronicles of Narnia and The Lord of the Rings. She had a glimpse of a world full of beauty and darkness but the darkness didn’t win. In college she became indoctrinated in staunch atheism. Yet she felt it was important to try to be a good person. After she moved to California to take a teaching job, she ... more

Fr. Shane Tharp: Formerly Unchurched

May 4, 2015

Father Shane was raised by a single mother. His parents divorced when he was six months old. His mother had been brought up Catholic but it wasn’t a good experience for her. His father was almost every religion until the end of his life when he died in the grace of Christ in the Catholic Church. In consequence, Shane was raised with absolutely no religious instruction or influence. His mother wasn’t anti-church, it was just not a topic of conversation. Shane’s first exposure to the story of ... more

Jamie & Jack McAleer: A Former Lutheran and a Revert from Secularism

April 20, 2015

Jack grew up Catholic in Mobile, Alabama. His parents were great role models for the faith. They lived only three doors from the church and Jack was a regular altar server. With all of this, Jack says he didn’t learn that he should have a personal relationship with Jesus. Jamie’s upbringing was different. She came from a small family and was baptized Lutheran. Living in a dysfunctional family she was a dreamer as an escape. In college, Jamie accepted Jesus into her heart and also met Jack. After ... more

The Christian and the Governing Authorities — Romans 13:1-14 Continued

April 10, 2015

“Render unto Caesar…” ... more

From “Private Judgment” to “Universal Consent”: Five Essentials of Conversion (Part 2)

April 2, 2015

Remaining Catholic is as important as becoming Catholic. That’s why it’s so important to understand that conversion is not a one-time event in the life of a Catholic. In fact, every year the Church sets aside a six-week period where conversion is front and center. Lent is a time when every member of the Church is asked to acknowledge his or her need for deeper conversion. ... more