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All Creation Waits With Eager Longing, Romans 8:18-30

December 16, 2014

In this section of Romans, St. Paul builds upon what he assumes his Christian audience already accepts: that there is a close intimacy between God and His Creation. The Hebrews spoke often of this in their Psalms. St. Paul draws on this intimacy, as well as the separation and “groaning” that Creation experiences as a result of Man’s sin, as a metaphor of a Christian’s present experience in this world and the eventually resurrection of the body. Creation and Mankind stand side-by-side awaiting this redemption. ... more
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Freed from the bond of sin, who will we serve? — Romans 7:1-6

November 20, 2014

In today’s text, Romans 7:1-6, we see proof that the re-emphasis by Jesus of the original indissolubility of marriage has become the accepted norm of the Christian community. Paul assumes his Christian audience agrees that the marriage bond cannot be broken except by death. He then uses this assumption as an analogy of how our death in Christ has broken our bonds to sin. The question is, now that we are freed from the bond of sin, who will we serve? ... more
Dr Douglas Grandon

Dr. Douglas Grandon: Former Episcopal Priest

March 14, 2005

When Doug was a teenager, a friend shared Christ with him. Doug wasn’t sure God existed but, at his friend’s invitation, prayed for the Lord’s forgiveness and felt God’s grace for the first time. Later, he served as a Pentecostal missionary translator for five years in Yugoslavia. While studying Church history, he began to wonder to what church people like St. Augustine belonged. An Episcopal bishop friend taught him about apostolic succession and the Blessed Sacrament, leading him to be ordained an Episcopal priest. While studying ... more

Fr. Richard Delzingaro: Non-Denominational Minister

May 13, 2002

Father Richard is a late vocation to the Barnabite Fathers in Bethlehem, PA. A child of a mixed Catholic and Protestant marriage, he was raised a Baptist but later joined the Quakers while in college. He was attracted by their stance on peace and justice issues. Though he was always searching, studying theology, it was the witness and friendship of a Catholic priest that eventually brought him to the faith of the Catholic Church. ... more
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Kristen West McGuire: Former United Methodist Seminarian

June 25, 1999

Kristen came from a family of faithful Methodist Christians. In college, she drifted away from the faith but was active in social justice work. A friend’s suicide attempt began her return. After Jesus appeared to her in a dream, she returned to Christ and began to think of going to seminary. Her work with the poor brought her to confirm her faith in Jesus. While working as a chaplain in a mental hospital, she began to read Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who, along with her Catholic husband led, ... more