Michael Maturen: Former Evangelical Episcopal Priest

August 30, 2004

Mike was raised by a wonderful Catholic mother. He was catechized and read the Bible. He became confused, however, when in college he was asked if he was saved. He didn’t know how to answer and thus though he must not be saved. His departure for the Church was solidified when he and his future wife began “church shopping.” At first, they joined an Evangelical Presbyterian congregation. Later Mike attended seminary and, in 2002, was ordained a priest in the Communion of Evangelical Episcopal Churches. Soon after he found his ... more
Carolyn Baber

Carolyn Baber: Former Lutheran

May 24, 2004

Carolyn was brought up in a devout Missouri Synod Lutheran home. Being Lutheran was part of her identity. She married a man who as reared Jewish but was a convert to Christianity and later to the Catholic Church. Being a successful businesswoman brought stress to Carolyn’s marriage and family. On advice of her mother-in-law, she began frequenting an Adoration Chapel, where she soon found peace of mind. The presence of Jesus in the Holy Eucharist began her journey to full-communion with the Catholic Church. ... more

Michael Cumbie: Former Charismatic Episcopal Priest

April 8, 2002

Michael was raised a Southern Baptist in Alabama. At an early age he felt a calling to ministry. Through his college experiences he was introduced to Pentecostal spirituality. Ordained a Pentecostal minister he eventually encountered the Charismatic Episcopal Church and was ordained a priest in that denomination. His love deepened for the Catholic Church and, after a 15 year journey, he was received into full-communion with the Catholic Church. ... more
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Bob Fishman: Jewish Convert

June 9, 2000

Marcus and Bob discuss the Jewish roots of the Catholic faith. Bob was brought up in a largely non-practicing Jewish family. He was allowed to study any religion or philosophy except Christianity. At the age of 17, he obtained a New Testament. After he was in the Navy, he met a born again Christian. In response, Bob went to his rabbi and studied the prophecies of the Messiah for 3 years. He accepted the Lord Jesus as his Messiah and was baptized in a United Pentecostal church. Over the years he was ... more