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Fr Richard ho lung

Fr. Richard Ho Lung, M.O.P. : Former Buddhist

June 16, 2000

Father Ho Lung’s family came to Jamaica, from China, in the 1930s where they struggled to survive operating a small shop. He was taught by the Franciscan sisters. Their Franciscan spirituality seemed a natural extension of the Buddhism of the Ho Lung family. Buddhism teaches one to search for the truth and respect nature. Young Richard was the first Ho Lung to see that Christ was the truth for which he was searching. He was baptized and was eventually ordained a Catholic priest. In 1980, Father Ho Lung founded the ... more
patrick madrid4

Patrick Madrid: Life-long Catholic Apologist

October 1, 1999

Pat was reared in a faithful Catholic family. He always had an intellectual commitment to the faith but it wasn’t until he was a young adult that he had a deep interior commitment to Christ. Pat is a full-time Catholic apologist, the editor of “Envoy” magazine and the author of the books “Surprised by Truth”, “Any Friend of God is a Friend of Mine” and “Pope Fiction”. ... more
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Kristen West McGuire: Former United Methodist Seminarian

June 25, 1999

Kristen came from a family of faithful Methodist Christians. In college, she drifted away from the faith but was active in social justice work. A friend’s suicide attempt began her return. After Jesus appeared to her in a dream, she returned to Christ and began to think of going to seminary. Her work with the poor brought her to confirm her faith in Jesus. While working as a chaplain in a mental hospital, she began to read Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta, who, along with her Catholic husband led, ... more