The Fathers Know Best: Scripture and Tradition in the Early Church – Patrick Madrid – Deep in History

June 16, 2016

In this Deep in History lecture, Patrick Madrid addresses a common question regarding Scripture- with thousands of different perspectives on the Bible, whose should be trusted? Patrick explains how the best way to understand disputed passages of Scripture is to look at the way they were interpreted by those closest to the apostles- the Early Church Fathers, who, through the medium of Sacred Tradition, preserved the understanding of the Bible that the Catholic Church upholds today. ... more
Jeffrey Morrow JH

Jeffrey Morrow, Jewish Atheist turned Catholic Christian

February 29, 2016

Marcus Grodi welcomes Jewish convert and former Evangelical Protestant Jeffrey Morrow to discuss his journey from atheism into belief in God, Christianity, and ultimately, Catholicism. Jeffrey grew up not knowing that Christmas or Easter had anything to do with Jesus! Not only was he not familiar with Christianity, but he simply didn’t belief any God existed! Challenged by peers in college, he realized that Christianity is one of the most historically-defensible ideologies. He realized his atheism took more faith than belief in God. After coming to know Jesus Christ, ... more
DIS Kenneth Howell Marcus Grodi Deep in Scripture

“To Bring about the Obedience of Faith,” Romans 16:1-27

May 14, 2015

Can something which is not forbidden in Scripture, later be declared forbidden by the Church? ... more
Deep in Scripture

Why should we trust this collection of old books? – with Fr. Ray Ryland and Dr. Kenneth Howell

April 2, 2014

Today is another special re-air of a program broadcast on 1/11/2006. We are sharing this program in honor of Fr. Ryland who passed from this life on Thursday, March 20th, 2014. ... more

Christ is the Light of East and West: One Man’s Search for the Apostolic Faith

March 31, 2014

On a blazingly-hot day in August, 2012, at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Church in Tacoma, I was received into the Holy Catholic Church and my marriage convalidated. It was the culmination of a lifetime journey of faith and the beginning of a new life within the fullness of the Apostolic Faith, which I had pursued for years. Prior to that day, I had been an Eastern Orthodox Christian and, before that, part of an evangelical faith community. Since the day of my reception into the Catholic Church, I have ... more
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Don Brey: Former Methodist/Episcopalian

August 27, 2012

It was the great hymns and potluck suppers that Don Brey remembers best about his days growing up in the Methodist tradition, not necessarily the church doctrines.  Don credits his parent’s lived-out faith for his commitment to integrity and truth.  Still, it was not until college that Don encountered the living Christ.  Becoming active in evangelical groups while at Ohio Wesleyan University and Yale Law School, shaped Don in his future profession.  It also led him from the Methodist Church into the Episcopal Church where he was active for ... more

Charles Roberts Wadlow II – Deep in Scripture 6/6/2012

June 6, 2012

Acts 15 – The Council at Jerusalem ... more
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Shane Kapler: Revert; Former Non-Denominational

April 30, 2012

His mother was from the Methodist tradition while his father, one of twelve children, came from a decidedly Catholic background.  Shane Kapler, found himself in Catholic schools, but because of a falling out between his father and the parish priest, not attending Sunday Mass as a family.  His father would, however, continue in the Catholic faith through audio tapes and personal Bible Study.  Even as a middle-schooler, Shane was a deep thinker in regards to religion.  He studied scripture and read about various faith traditions.  His first divine encounter assured ... more
St Peter Rome Church

Confessions of a Protestant Pew Potato

April 9, 2012

Oh, no, I thought to myself, here we go again. Some latecomers had forced us to move into the middle of the pew. There’s nothing worse than being in the middle of the pew in a Catholic church if you’re a Protestant “pew potato.” ... more
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Fr. Dave Harris: Former Southern Baptist Minister

February 27, 2012

A lifelong resident of Kentucky, Fr. Dave Harris shares his faith journey with Marcus.  He spent his first 18 years in the Cumberland Gap region, a predominantly Southern Baptist area.  Fr. Dave developed a strong love for God and for nature while being active in the local Southern Baptist church.  He went on for degrees in mechanical engineering and a master’s in Business Administration from the University of Kentucky, where he met his wife to be.  After several years working in the  field, Fr. Dave accepted a calling to the ... more
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Dr. Peter Huff: Former Southern Baptist

January 30, 2012

Dr. Peter Huff grew up in Atlanta, Georgia in the faith tradition and culture of the Southern Baptist Convention.  He and his family were very active participants in the life and ministries of the local congregation.  Interested in music and art history at a young age, Dr. Huff was privileged to travel with his father to Rome and Greece during his 8th grade year.   “Something clicked”, he said, when he saw the magnificence and the civilization of the Catholic world in Rome and he wanted to be part of it.   ... more