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Amy Daniels: Former United Methodist Minister

April 13, 2015

Amy was brought up in a military home on Governor’s Island in New York. Her parents were Presbyterian but, attending the base chapel, Amy viewed herself merely as Protestant. While visiting Italy with her Latin class in high school she attended Mass with her teacher. This inspired in Amy an interest in all things Catholic that would stay with her throughout her life. Later in life, she would study at Wesleyan Theological Seminary, in Washington DC, be ordained a United Methodist minister and serve as an Air Force chaplain. ... more

Dr. Ryan Messmore: Methodist Who Became Catholic

October 13, 2014

Ryan was born, along with his two sisters, in West Virginia, in a believing Methodist family. In college at Duke University, he was active in InterVarsity Christian Fellowship. In the fellowship, he taught a course on the Chronicles of Narnia, by C. S. Lewis, for seven semesters, where he met his future wife. After college, Ryan and his wife studied Christian education, in England at Cambridge University, where they fell in love with the liturgy and became Anglicans. While studying for his Ph.D. at Oxford, he began to have ... more
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Andy McNutt: Former Baptist

June 2, 2014

Andy was reared by two wonderful godly Christian Protestants. They raised his brother and him in a Methodist congregation until he was about 8. Then they joined a Southern Baptist congregation. Andy began his walk with Christ as a Baptist as a 10-year-old. At 17, he committed myself to full-time Christian service. His passions for education, formation, and apologetics were the doorway used by the Holy Spirit to draw him to the Catholic Church. ... more
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Br. Rex Anthony Norris: Former Presbyterian, Methodist and Episcopalian

April 7, 2014

Br. Rex Anthony Norris of Little Portion Hermitage discusses what led him home to the Catholic Church. Br. Rex was previously Presbyterian, Methodist and Episcopalian. He discusses his journey with Jesus into his religious vocation and how that led him home the the Catholic Church. Br. Rex assists CHNetwork by counseling men and women on the journey home to the Catholic Church and also prays for them. To learn more go to www.littleportionhermitage.org. ... more
fr dennis garrou

Fr. Dennis Garrou: Former Anglican Priest

March 31, 2014

Fr. Garrou was reared in the faith in an independent Bible Church. He graduated from Wheaton College, in Illinois, majoring in the Bible and then attended attended Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, in Deerfield, IL. Years later he served as a licensed lay United Methodist minister. Then he was ordained as an Episcopal priest in 1994. From 2000 to 2008, he served in the Anglican Mission in the Americas. Conserns over the Eucharist and the nature of the Church led him to the Catholic Church, in 2009. He was ordained a Catholic priest in 2011. ... more
timothy putnam

Timothy Putnam: Former United Methodist Seminarian

March 24, 2014

Timothy talks with Marcus about the Methodist emphesis of holiness in God’s grace and their desire for an ever deeper walk with Christ and how this led him to the Catholic faith. Timothy is now the director for Marriage and Family Life for the Diocese of Tulsa, OK. His website is www.timothyputnam.com. ... more
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Msgr. Michael Magee: Former United Methodist

December 30, 2013

Marcus Grodi welcomes Monsignor Michael Magee, professor at Roman Catholic Charles Borromeo Seminary in Philadelphia.  Msgr. Magee shares the story of his journey growing up in Baton Rouge, LA.  His parents’ separation when he was ten led to his entry the United Methodist Church where he was confirmed and became an active member.   Msgr. Magee began to have questions, however, when the long-standing moral tenets began to change through the a voting process of his denomination.  A subsequent school-sponsored trip at age 16 to Rome had a transformative effect on him, ... more
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Brian Nelson: Former Christian Reformed

November 4, 2013

Brian Nelson’s passion is music.  It is interwoven in his life’s story and in his conversion from Protestantism to Catholicism.  Originally a performance major at the University, Brian switched to composing, which became his true love.  However, in his mid-twenties, Brian began to experience a creative dryness.  His life became miserable.  He began to seek God more intentionally and reached a point of offering himself to God to do with what He would.  “Things began to change after that,” Brian states.  He shares with Marcus the result of ... more

The Tiber: Neither Too Wide, Nor Too Deep

July 1, 2013

The story of my conversion to Catholicism really goes back to my childhood. My father’s family is Chicago Italian and of course that meant Roman Catholic. I was born during Vatican II in 1963 and baptized in the Catholic Faith. My paternal grandfather (“Papa Lou”) would become a great influence on my faith as I grew up. He made it a priority to get to Mass every week and, though he didn’t talk like an evangelist, no one who knew him would have questioned his faith. My mother, however, ... more

Following God: Jesus Loves Me This I Know

October 1, 2012

From my earliest memories Jesus was my best friend. I loved church, worship, and my Bible, which I unfailingly carried everywhere. My dad used to joke, “Don’t you trust my driving? Is that why you always take your Bible?” ... more
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Eric Sammons: Former United Methodist

April 23, 2012

Growing up in Cincinnati in a typical suburban family, Eric Sammons was raised in the United Methodist tradition.  It was a religiously sheltered life, he claims.  Not until college would Eric be exposed and challenged by the various nuances of other denominational offerings.  It was in high school, however, that Eric had a significant religious experience at a weekend youth retreat.  This led him to begin living an intentional Christian lifestyle, committed to Christ as an Evangelical Protestant.  In college, Eric’s horizons continue to broaden, particularly his exposure to ... more