JonMarc Grodi – Childhood Convert to Catholicism

June 21, 2016

When Marcus Grodi’s family was received into the Church, JonMarc was 6 years old.  Growing up around an apostolate designed to help people become Catholic, he found himself surrounded by great resources to learn and grow in the faith, but knew he had to do the hard work of finding out the truth for himself.  As he reached college age, he found himself grappling with deeper philosophical questions about the significance of human existence, and after discerning out of seminary and getting married, joined the staff of the Coming Home ... more
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Eight Things To Love About the Catholic Church Part 6: Our Life in the Sacraments

May 12, 2015

Last week we looked at five of the seven sacraments of the Church.  This week I shall explain about the two great sacraments of ministry:  Holy Orders and Holy Matrimony. ... more
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Fr. M. Price Oswalt: Former Episcopalian

July 21, 2014

Fr. Oswalt grew up in a nominal Methodist family, with parents who believed that the Catholic Church was evil. Even so, by the time he was 14 he felt a calling to be a priest. In high school a friend invited him to take photos at his wedding in an Episcopal parish. He felt very much at home and was baptized. In college he became friend with a Catholic boy and through him a Catholic priest who invited him to become a Catholic. Twenty-six months he was in seminary and headed ... more
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Elizabeth Ficocelli: Former Lutheran

July 7, 2014

From the time she was a young child growing up in a nominal Lutheran family, Elizabeth felt called to follow God on an interesting and surprising spiritual journey. Elizabeth shares the little clues God left her along the way, including hearing his voice whispered in her heart, and meeting a young Catholic man, which would eventually lead her to enter the Catholic Church at the age of twenty-three. Elizabeth Ficocelli is the author of fifteen books for adults and young people. To lear more about her, go to: http://elizabethficocelli. ... more
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Discernment and the Hard, Long, Right Road Beneath Your Feet

August 26, 2013

Christian discernment takes patience and prayer and is not something easily reducible to a few simple axioms or methods. However, through the use of our reason, we can at least approach discernment having ruled out certain impossibilities. One thing that we can be sure of, for example, is that God will never intend for us to sin as a means of accomplishing or reaching a good. The question of “ends and means” may be a familiar one in regards to imagining more extreme circumstances, but consider a more ordinary example: ... more
John Nahrgang

John Nahrgang, “They have renounced marriage for the sake of the kingdom,” Matthew 19:9-12 & 1 Corinthians 7:32-35

June 23, 2010

Marcus welcomes former secular agnostic John Nahrgang to discuss discerning a vocation to religious life and his journey to the Catholic Church. What is celibacy? How does a Christian discern the will of God in his life? ... more
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Fr. Donald Calloway: Former Grateful Deadhead

March 22, 2010

Father Donald lived the wild life as a teenager. He was so reckless that the government of Japan kicked him out of the country when he was a teen. He wondered hopelessly as a Grateful Deadhead, existing on macaroni & cheese and massive amounts of drugs. Thought his turmoil, his parents became Catholic — through the witness of a Filipino lady. On a night that he was sure he was going to die, he was radically converted to Christ when he happened upon a book on the apparitions of the Blessed ... more

The Rich Young Man—Go, Sell, Give, & Follow, Matthew 19:23-30

September 23, 2009

In this “Year for Priests,” Marcus asks guests to choose Scripture verses that have specifically inspired them to follow Jesus. Marcus welcomes Rev. John McCloskey the Scripture verses that influenced him to follow Christ with his life, Matthew 19: 23-30, the story of the Rich Young Man. How do we live out Jesus’ command to “Go, Sell, Give, and Follow”? How are we to “be perfect as [our] heavenly Father is perfect”? ... more

Making Decisions as a Christian, 2 Thessalonians 3: 13 & Daniel 1:8

September 9, 2009

In this “Year for Priests,” Marcus asks guests to choose Scripture verses that have specifically inspired them to follow Jesus. Marcus welcomes good friend David Currie, former Evangelical Fundamentalist. Marcus and David discuss many thins, including Christian living, discernment, redemptive suffering, and salvation. ... more
Marcus Grodi as guest on Journey Home

Our Calling, Hosted by Marcus Grodi

June 17, 2009

“What does God want me to do with this one life He has given me?” ... more
Msgr Stuart Swetland

Called According to His Purpose, Romans 8:28

June 3, 2009

Marcus welcomes Msgr. Stuart Swetland, former Lutheran, to discuss the “Year for Priests” (June 19, 2009 to June 19, 2010) in light of Scripture. The pair discuss how we can know the will of God in our lives. ... more

Introduction to Study of St. Paul, God’s Call, 1 Corinthians 1:18-31

September 3, 2008

... more