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“It’s everything I experienced as a Protestant, but more- so much more.” – Kurt Hoover

May 19, 2016

Kurt Hoover accepted Jesus at age four, and was raised in a strong Christian family.  When he was 16, he experienced Catholic Mass for the first time, and was captivated.  Through his experience of the sacraments, Kurt found a new love for the poor and marginalized, and a greater sense of his vocation as a husband and father.  He describes his journey in the latest “Signposts.” ... more
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A History Nerd Goes Looking for Trouble- Rod Bennett

May 5, 2016

Rod Bennett was a good Southern Baptist boy who ran into the long-haired hippies of the early 70’s Jesus Movement. In the latest “Signposts,”  he talks about how the Fathers of the Church drew him to a new understanding of the Scriptures, and ultimately, to the Catholic Church. ... more

Kurt Hoover: Former Wesleyan Methodist

October 5, 2015

Kurt grew up in a very devout Wesleyan Methodist home. His grandfather was a minister in that denomination. At the age of 16, with the assistance of several men in his congregation, he made a deep commitment to a life of faith in Jesus Christ and was baptized. As a young man, through his experience of Christians who were not giving of their wealth or their time, he became angry and despondent and stopped attending church. During this time he met a Catholic girl who was rediscovering and recommitting herself to ... more

The Corpus & the Cross: My Conversion to the Catholic Faith

April 3, 2013

I was baptized and grew up in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC), a Calvinist denomination in the Dutch Reformed tradition. I cannot express how much I learned from this faith tradition and the inexpressible value of the foundation it provided for my life. If it had not been for my parents’ dedication to Christ, teaching me to know and love Him with all my being, I doubt I would be as dedicated to Jesus and His truth as I am today. ... more
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Denise Bossert: Former Presbyterian

January 10, 2011

Denise Bossert grew up in Iowa as a daughter of a Wesleyan pastor.  It was a childhood where she would come to know Jesus and develop her faith.  Denise’s father changed pastorates as she was entering her senior year of high school.  It was a difficult transition that would leave her angry and lonely and have long-term repercussions for her life.  A month out of high school, Denise married and within five years had three children.  Her husband sensed a call to ministry, which took them to seminary and ... more
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Corey Chambers: Former Nazarene Seminarian

August 30, 2010

Corey Chambers grew up in an unchurched home though his mother’s family was Catholic.  Corey joined the Church of the Nazarene where he became heavily influenced by the writings and life of John Wesley, himself an Anglican.  Corey, as a student at Nazarene Bible College, delved deeply into theology and church history.  He was drawn to the teachings of the early Church Fathers.  It was through his scholarly work that Corey felt pulled to the Catholic Church, which he entered in 2008.  He and Marcus discuss the particulars of Corey’ ... more

Joe & Summer Allman: Former Weslyans

January 16, 2006

Joe didn’t grow up in any religion. He say religion as a crutch. After he and Summer were married, in the 1960’s, they lived a hippies on a farm. While on vacation in the mountains with their children, Joe felt Jesus speak to him. He felt he had to find the Truth. Summer joined him on this search, in which they visited many Protestant denominations before they settled down with the Wesleyans for a time. They still were not satisfied. Summer decided to go to a Catholic Mass. They ... more
Doug Gonzales

Doug Gonzales: Former Nazarene Minister

April 12, 2004

Doug’s parents were not hostile to religion, but it was his maternal grandmother who raised him to be a Fundamentalist Christian. Even though he had been baptized a Catholic as an infant in deference to his father’s mother. As a young man, he was deeply influenced by the tracts of Jack Chick and became quite anti-Catholic. Upon reading “On Christian Perfection” by John Wesley he was taken by the notion of growing in holiness. He attended Duke University and later studied at the Catholic University of America, with ... more

Patricia Bainbridge: Former Assemblies of God

September 30, 2002

Patricia was baptized in the Lutheran Church at age nine, though her father was a lapsed Catholic. As a young woman she “worshiped” the intellect and didn’t have time for God. A student led her to Christ and her husband eventually followed. As young Christians they were involved in several Christian communities, such as Presbyterian, Wesleyan Methodist and Assemblies of God. They had a long journey to full-communion with the Catholic Church, attending daily Mass for six years and not receiving communion, awaiting a declaration of nullity of a ... more