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Contraception & the Church: “Do not conform yourselves to this age” with Kimberly Hahn

May 17, 2016

***The Devil tried to stop us, but this episode was just TOO GOOD not to share! (The first several minutes of this program contain some technical difficulties, but it is worth pushing through. Please “offer up” the slight inconvenience with the intention that Mrs. Hahn’s testimony may bear fruit in the lives of listeners struggling with this topic.) ... more

Kris Sarver, Former Atheist

May 2, 2016

Kris Sarver was raised Catholic, but after asking complicated questions about Hell as a child, she figured that Catholicism, and religion in general, were for simpletons and the uneducated. She pursued a life as a scientist with the military, and after a failed marriage, decided that she should end her life. It was during that suicide attempt that she first felt the presence of a loving God. That relationship culminated in her rediscovery of the Catholic faith of her youth, which she joyfully practices today. ... more
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Jennifer Fulwiler, former atheist

March 14, 2016

Marcus Grodi welcomes return guest Jennifer Fulwiler, a former atheist whose full conversion story was detailed in her book, Something Other Than God.  Jennifer grew up happy in an atheistic home where the mantra was, “seek the truth and question assumptions; do your own investigations”.  She lived out her high school and college years as an intellectual with no belief in God and adopted a counter-cultural persona.  It was not until meeting and marrying her husband that her faithless world began to develop cracks.  The birth of their first child ... more
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Magnet of Truth: From Baptist to Catholic

March 2, 2016

The Catholic Church was never on my radar. I had no hatred or malice for the Church, more of an American ignorance and apathy toward it. But like many a road that leads to Rome, I was on it long before I knew it. We were happy in our Baptist congregation, involved in ministry, studying the Bible, and surrounded by wonderful Christian friends, but along the way we were wooed by the great Bride of Christ. As G.K. Chesterton puts it, “He has come too near to the truth, ... more
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Rose Sweet: Healing after Divorce

January 18, 2016

Rose is the oldest of 9 kids from a good Catholic family. In her adolescence she got swept up in the culture of the 1960s. She had an immature faith and thought that if she were the perfect wife and mother all would be well. Rose talks with Marcus about how, after experiencing more than one divorce, the Lord Jesus guided her to his the path he was calling her to follow. She learned about Pope John Paul II’s teaching of Theology of the Body, and was deeply moved by ... more
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Dr. Norman McCrummen: Former Presbyterian Minister

January 4, 2016

Norman shared his journey to the Catholic faith on a previous episode of the Journey Home, on January 6, 2014. He returns in this episode to talk with Marcus Grodi about his wife, Nancy, her struggle with Alzheimer’s disease, and her journey of faith to Catholic Church. ... more
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A Brit Crosses the Tiber

January 4, 2016

It started with a phone call from my son one summer’s evening. ... more
Sylvia Rummel

Towards the True Church of Jesus Christ

December 21, 2015

I was born into the Reorganized Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (RLDS), both sides of my family being staunch believers in that faith. My father’s parents were Methodists converted by an RLDS missionary, Elder Hubert Case, who came to Oklahoma in 1907 just before my father was born. Daddy was named Hubert in his honor. Although both their families were horrified by the conversion and refused to hear anything about such “fraudulence,” my Swain grandparents always considered their conversion to be the greatest blessing that ever happened ... more
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Jessica Stuart: A Convert from Judaism

December 14, 2015

Jessica was raised in a Jewish home, though her father had become a Catholic Christian earlier in life but later returned to Judaism. Because of this Jessica was exposed to Christianity early in life, as her father continued a secret interest in the Catholic faith. At her request, her father began to take her the visit churches. Eventually, they went to a Catholic parish where she discovered that her father had returned to the Church. From that time she told her faith that she believe that Jesus was the Messiah ... more
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Alcohol, Mary, & Miracles — Hard Verses with Steve Ray, John 2:1-12

December 10, 2015

On this episode of Deep in Scripture radio, Marcus Grodi invites friend Steve Ray to discuss John 2: 1-12. As a former Baptist, the Wedding at Cana caused Steve many problems from the drinking of alcohol to the language regarding Mary to Jesus’ obedience to His mother. Steve is known as “Jerusalem Jones,” because he leads Christian pilgrimages to the Holy Land. In this discussion, he uses his intimate knowledge of Israeli and Palestinian culture to flesh out the story. ... more
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Heather & Andrew Bowen: Former Baptist & Former Atheist

December 7, 2015

In reaction to his own judgmental zeal as a young man, Andrew became an angry atheist. Heather, who was Andrew’s best friend in college, was brought up Lutheran. After they married neither practiced any sort of faith life. When Heather suffered an ectopic pregnancy God brought her back to Christ through the Baptist faith. Andrew reacted by becoming filled with anger toward God. His anger became so bad that their home became a battle ground. God used an extremely interesting route to bring Heather and Andrew to the Catholic ... more

Lisa Campbell: Former Assembly of God

October 12, 2015

Lisa grew up in a terribly dysfunctional home. After bad experiences with Pentecostal “revivals” and living a young adulthood of drugs, violence, and suffering, Lisa sought refuge in an Assembly of God church. Lisa was introduced to Catholicism after she married a cradle-Catholic. Through him she became drawn to the Catholic faith. To read more about Lisa’s journey, check out her written conversion story. Also, go to the apostolate with which she works: armyofapostles.com. ... more